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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Write that book because...

Write that book because...

Write only the book you can write, the book that no one else can, the book that resides deep inside your soul, your psyche, your very essence, the core of the your eternal being. The book that only your unconscious  imagination can thrust forward onto the endless blank pieces of virtual paper that span into infinity, crafting and weaving a story which delights, fascinates, scares and even terrifies at moments, twisting and turning with the poise and skill that only you can write, the story that only you can tell and the one you always wanted to read.

That is the beginning of the journey, write because you love it, write because that is your souls purpose, what you are driven to do, write because if you don't your mind which is filling all the time with millions of thoughts, feelings, notions, ideas and emotions will explode like a galaxy of stars reaching critical mass without warning.  

Creativity is the centre of your being, without creativity you are lost, drifting in the ether of nothingness, a black void of emptiness, sucked into a vortex of spiralling chasm, bleak and full of despair. A place where you don't belong, a place where the cold reality of an empty existence prevails, one which sucks the creative essence from your core like a magnet picking scattered pins from out of the very air you breathe.

Taking the very lifeblood from your soul, write, let it happen, it comes naturally, second nature, you have a gift with words and a talent for wordcraft, show this talent, use it to the very best of your ability and let your true nature shine brightly in the cosmos just as you were destined to do.  Worry about nothing, just do what you do and be happy that you can.

Shine as brightly as you can, after all you are the only one of your kind, you are a unique being with a unique perspective on life, use this to the best of your advantage and the rest will follow. Trust and believe that all things are possible and everything is perfectly real. This is true, everything is real in your world, as it is for others in their own worlds.

The time is right to begin and never forget - never ever doubt yourself, be true to yourself and all good things will follow.

Salute your spirit and be grateful everyday for the smallest things and finally, remember one word always leads to another....

This is what I tell myself now, it's my own personal message written very late one night and helps me to focus when I feel like I'm losing my way or getting off track.

Bella xx

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