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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Networked Blog ~ Followers Unite ~ Following Me Following You!

Good Morning to you all

As I was surfing the www yesterday I came across the Networked Blog Site and very interesting it is.  It means that when you can't find that pesky follow button on Bloggers Pages, and they have the Networked Blog Widget, you sign up there instead.  Awesome, so I just had to get one.

While we are talking about networking, I saw a couple of other Bloggers had a really great idea: You Follow Me and I'll Follow You!  With that in mind, I am following their marvellous example, so:

 If you follow me, I'll follow you

Tres simples!

Let's get audience building and if you use my juicy little Grab Button on your Blog, I'll use yours here and if you don't have a juicy little Grab Button I can let you know how to make one, just leave me a comment.

Sounds like a deal to me!

Let's get hooked up

Bella xx


  1. Hi Bella.. I came by after you commented on my blog :) I'm newly following you here and on Twitter :)

    PD <3


  2. Thanks very much for visiting, and for following me here and on Twitter too!!!

    Stop by anytime to see what's new <3

    Bella x


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