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Monday, 25 June 2012

Pinterest ~ Another Time Sucking Vortex or Great Networking Tool?

Well, I've spent the afternoon having a look at Pinterest, I know very little about it other than you 'pin' pictures to a board and then other users can 'repin' your pictures to their boards, a very visual and fun thing by all accounts. 

Anyway I digress, so I have now joined Pinterest, so that along with Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, BookBlogs, Blogspot, my website and lord knows what else, I have now declared my 'working day' as a National Disaster.  There was a time not long ago, when I had hours everyday to sit and write my novels plus get everything else done too, now all I seem to do is catch up on FaceBook, Twitter, Email and all those other web related social/networking activities, so my writing life has finally come to a grinding halt the last week.

So are all these 'platforms' for social and networking virtual interactions really necessary? Or are we just kidding ourselves that having 10 Gazillion Followers (OK a little inflated I know) let's try 1 Gazillion Followers really makes a difference, I have no clue whether it makes any difference whatsoever, so I keep doing it just in case it does. (I pray that it does - Please let me have 10 Gazillion Followers and please let it make a difference!) LOL

But what happens when I've reached the grand old age of 90 and I'm still doing all of this same stuff with my arthritic fingers, poor eyesight from too many years straining at a computer screen, hunch back from stooping over said screen, (don't forget the Rickets due to lack of vitamin D because I spent my entire life inside) plus all the new trends that pop up and so much more just to keep in the social/networking game and nothing is any different? What then, will I look back and think, jeez I spent my entire life in a virtual world and missed the real one? 

Or do I think screw this 'Time Sucking Vortex of Social Media' and just get back to the job which is writing novels?   I really don't know anymore, I mean how much online socialising can we do, given that there are only 24 hours in each day and a third of that time is spent sleeping, leaving us with approximately 16 hours, during which, we will eat three or so meals (if we are lucky), shower, bathe, take the daily commute to work and back again, do some chores, run a few errands, walk the dog (if you have one) feed the pets, have a bit of downtime after being subjected to the rat race all day, perhaps go for a walk, take an exercise class or go to the gym, read a book, meet friends for a few drinks, watch a bit of TV, go to the movies, do some hobby, how much time is left? By my maths brain, there is no time left. 

I constantly feel I'm in a major Time Frame Deficit (TFD) and can't possibly keep on trying to do a gazillion things a day and feel satisfied with life, I want things to be simple... TRES SIMPLES... so how is this achievable?  There are a lot of fancy titled descriptions for time management out there, but that's not the problem, the real problem is this, we are all trying to be super human and do everything all at once, think about your grandparents, your parents, they didn't have all these distractions, gadgets, gizmo's & mobile phones etc...and yet they managed just fine.  Perhaps we need to step back and smell the roses every day, look up at the sky and marvel at the clouds, I think eventually technology will become too much and as a race we'll want to return to our roots, simple = better.

So if you've got any thoughts on Time Sucking Vortexes feel free to comment and I'll let you know whether I think that Pinterest is a TSV or not in a future post, after I've had time to trial run it.

Bella (Suffering from acute Time Frame Deficit)

P.S. I have another wonderful Showcase for you this week, so stop by on Saturday and have a browse ~ Thanks xx


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