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Friday, 1 June 2012

The Real Blogger Status: Follow Blogs, Without A Followers Gadget

Since Google has removed the Follow button from the NavBar, following blogs has become increasingly difficult and annoying.  For me personally, I have been manually adding the blog I want to follow via the blogger dashboard by copying and pasting the URL if they don't have a Networked Blog Widget or Google+ ~ this works fine, albeit a little long winded.

For those trying to follow me:

The Google Friends Connect Widget (GFC) doesn't show anything if I place it on my blog (even using GoogleChrome and FireFox browsers), it's blank and unusable.  So why display a completely useless widget? That's why I don't, it's worthless in my opinion and looks unsightly.

I have many, many people saying they can't follow me because of this.  That is why I signed up to Networked Blogs, however not everyone is using that, I also offer the Google+  facility to connect that way too, as this is being touted as the 'New GFC'. But there are still those that can't follow, so here is the solution, check out this link and it will solve all your following dilemmas.

The Real Blogger Status: Follow Blogs, Without A Followers Gadget: Recently, Blogger cleaned up the Navbar somewhat - and removed the "Follow" link. This left some blog would be Followers inconvenienced. Ho...

I hope this helps solve your following woes...



  1. I understand your frustration.

    Google is always fooling around with their interfaces (YouTube is notorious for it). They have one goal, make money from ads.

    They don't care about content providers (i.e. bloggers and YouTube video makers), which is foolish because without content, their ads have no vehicles.

    They also use a lot of robots to manage accounts, and some of these robots have all the attitude of the Terminator!

    Maybe someday, Google will hire intelligent people and programmers who understand the whole equation, content providers as well as advertisers, and create a balanced system that is fair to both.

    Until then, we're stuck in their archaic and draconian system of thought. It's their service, so there's not much we can do about it.

  2. Thanks for your comment @ClydeSight ~ You are so right, it's never what the people want it's always about the $$$$'s ~ I understand that everyone needs $$$'s to live in this world, but wouldn't it be nice if these giant corporations just listened to what the consumer wanted.

    Everywhere I have looked and searched on the internet there isn't a single person that wanted the Follow button on the Navbar removed, yet Google maintain that this feature was 'seldom used, so it was retired' Go figure that insane nonsense!!!

    Just stupid people not listening to the needs or wants of the consumer, lot's were/are going to defect to Wordpress!

    Not a bad idea....


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