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Friday, 6 July 2012

5 Questions with Raven Bower

5 Questions with Raven Bower

Author of the Apparitions Series

Today I'm joined by Raven Bower, who has so very kindly agreed to part-take in my '5 Questions' and tell us a little about her upcoming release.

What Inspired the Apparitions Series?

The heroine, Bailey Khane did. She walked on stage, complete with her name and past bio, ready to go. I found her struggle with accepting her gift to see the dead intriguing and sad, particularly in light of the abundance of modern ‘skeptics’.

It took a while, however, until I had a story that went with her. That happened after seeing a particularly brutal murder in the news and wondering that age old question that constantly nags writers – What If…?

How did you develop the ghosts in the Apparitions Series?

It was a mix of my real world experiences with the beyond and extensive research into the experiences of others. From there, I created their rules within the Apparitions world ~ which, are quite akin to how they function in our world with a few tweaks.

Rags Beneath is the third in the series, will there be more?

Yes and no. Rags Beneath gives a very fine wrap up to most of the characters within the trilogy and I don’t want to drag that out unnecessarily. So yes, this is the end for the Apparitions series.

However, <insert evil grin here> it’s not the end for several of the series’ most popular characters. I have another supernatural suspense/paranormal series brewing and these certain characters will be waltzing on screen again within that world.

How comparable is your Vengeance series, launched with Primal this past May, to the Apparitions series?

They’re akin in spirit and yet completely different. The Apparitions series is ‘clean’ as in its heat level is low to non-existent, whereas the Vengeance series is considerably hot. I was recently called ‘naughty’ in a recent review of Primal and that made my day.

 The bad guys in the Apparitions series live on the page; yet, I’ve turned the camera away from many of their dirty deeds. This isn’t true of the Vengeance series – there the reader gets a full frontal of what the antagonists are truly like. It’s not for the faint of heart nor the easily offended.

What’s next for you and your husband/co-author Lain?


Our epic fantasy series, Weeping Dark, launches late this year/early 2013 with the first novel – Bleeding Edge.

We’re currently working on a romantic adventure fantasy with lots of swashbuckling action! Then it’s on to Smoke, book two of the Vengeance series – which is slated for an April 2013 release.

Plus, I’m working on a secret project with one of my publishers and a talented fellow author. I can’t disclose it at this moment but there will be announcements within the next few weeks or so. All I can say is that it’s exciting!

Add to that book two of the Weeping Dark series and our brewing paranormal spin-off series from Apparitions and we’re rolling in projects! Not to mention the ones waiting in the wings <eyes them suspiciously> that are getting antsy and want their moment on stage! Stories. Characters. Impatient buggers I say.

*     *     *

Thank you so much Raven for taking the time to answer the '5 Questions' and I'm sure my readers will agree with me, your books sound fabulous!

To find out more about the wonderful world of Raven Bower you can visit her website by clicking the link below:

See you in the next post where I will be featuring Ravens Novels and don't forget to 'follow me' to keep up to speed with all the latest happenings on my blog and if you want to leave any comments, please do so, I love them and reply to each and every one.

Bella  x

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