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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Saturday Showcase with Guest Author Tabitha Short

Welcome to The Saturday Showcase with Guest Author Tabitha Short.  

 The Book I'm featuring on this Sinister Saturday is called:

Please DO Feed the Animals ZOO

Book Blurb: 

A father decides to take his teenage son to the new petting zoo in town. 

 The zoo exhibits contain untamed ferocious animals and advertises that the visitors get to hand feed them. But there’s something the zoo goers aren't informed of: The animals will be eating them! 

Because of a small glitch, the man and his son discover the sinister secret before they become the 'Main Course'  

But will they be able to make it out of the maze-like zoo before being devoured by the hungry savage beasts?

You Can Buy From Here

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Author Bio

Tabitha Short is the writer of many horror short stories including The Please DO Feed the Animals ZOO and The Roller Coaster of Death (found in the compilation titled Misery Loves Company, releasing in Dec. 2012). Her YA novel, Arena Games: Petrova's Legacy, is contracted and due for publication in Spring 2013. 

You can purchase her books at itunes, barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com and smashwords.com. Tabitha is also the owner/operator of The First Five Pages blog, a website dedicated to helping authors showcase their work.

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Connect with Tabitha on the Internet

Click the links below:

Twitter: @tabithashort2

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I'd like to say a big thank you to Tabitha for being part of the Saturday Showcase, and happy reading on this scary Saturday!

See you next time and keep reading

Bella x

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