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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Witchy Wednesday ~ Love Spell

Welcome to my new Feature 

~ Witchy Wednesdays ~

Every couple of weeks I will present a simple Spell that you can perform and I will also let you in on a few secrets along the way.  Before performing any spell or ritual, I would advise that you familiarize yourself fully with the Wiccan Rede from my earlier post, by clicking the link below:

The Wiccan Rede


Todays Spell is a Love Spell  ~ because everyone needs a bit of love in their lives. Just remember though before performing such a spell, is the object of your eye attainable?  If you are in any doubt, even the tiniest smidgen, this is not the way to go. 

'Bella's Book of Shadows'


~ Bella's Love Spell ~

You will need the following

One Pink Candle
Candle Holder
White Paper
Pen ~ pink or red or both


This is performed on a Friday night.
 Light your candle after cleansing it under running water (be careful not the wet the wick).
With your pen and paper, write your name and your would be lovers name and draw a circle around the names, close your eyes and meditate, focusing your intention  of what you want from this:-  happiness together, joy, kindness, imagine what you want.
Then once you are completely focused on your happy outcome, say the following three times:


Love is Light
Love is Gold
Love is Pure and a Joy to Hold
Our fate is Bound
And we are one 
Now and from this time on
So Mote it Be and harm ye none


Blessed Be! 


Meditate on the pink candle for at least another 10 minutes and focus on your intent again, keeping the person you want in your life in your mind at all times and imagining the wonderful life you will have together.
If you have the time, you can continue to do this until the candle has fully burnt down.  
If not then fully extinguish your candle. 
(DO NOT leave lit candles unattended at any time whatsoever) 
You can repeat the process over the course of several nights or until the candle is finished.

Fold the piece of paper with your names on and put in a small pink bag
 and hang where you will see it or keep it with you so that it reminds you daily of your intentions.  

Good Luck and I hope you get everything you dreamed of.


If you would like to ask anything or need to know anything else, leave me a comment.

Bella x

Advisory Note: I accept no responsibility for anyone performing these spells or the outcome that they may incur.   You perform these rituals by your own volition and thereby exonerating me entirely by your own actions of using this information. Thank you.


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