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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween for Zombies by Jo Barker

A Short Story for this most Spookiest of Days!

Halloween for Zombies 


Jo Barker


It’s Halloween (samhein) and the veil that separates the world of the living from the dead is at its thinnest.
The nights are lengthening and the days are shortening, and on  this one day a year the dead can walk amongst the living.
These days this is a task made easier by all the trick-or-treaters wondering around in disguise.
Drooble is a zombie and as such it was very hard for him to go out and meet people without bits of himself falling off.
On any normal day, people would get scared and run away.  But once a year he could go out and talk to normal everyday people.  It didn’t matter if anything fell off, people just assumed it was part of his costume and would laugh.
Drooble especially liked to go trick or treating as this gave him an excuse to talk to people. Occasionally he would even get invited along with other trick or treaters.
This year was slightly different.  The wind was howling and the rain was driving, flashes of lightening flickered across the sky.  There were very few trick or treaters outside, and those that were outside were in a hurry to get inside.
Drooble couldn’t go inside, the problem with being a zombie, other than suddenly losing body parts, was the smell.  He very much smelt like a zombie should smell.  Outside this was not so noticeable, but inside it was.
So Drooble wondered the streets wet, windswept and alone, looking at the cheery glows coming from peoples houses.
Eventually his wonderings brought him to a barn.  There was a flickering light coming from inside.  Barns are quite airy and smelt of hay anyway so he decided to take a peek.

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Many thanks to Jo for sharing her Short Story Zombie Spookfest with us today!

Have a  Totally Horrolicious Halloween


Bella x

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