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Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Saturday Showcase with Guest Author Edward Eaton

Welcome to the Saturday Showcase!

Today I'm very happy to showcase several novels by

Edward Eaton

Elizabeth Bathory

 She killed hundreds to stay young and beautiful forever. 
The punishment? It worked.

Based on a true story. When Elizabeth Báthory discovers that the blood of maidens will keep her young, she sets off on a bloody killing spree that lasts for years and results in the deaths of hundreds. When she is finally caught, she is walled up in her own castle. There, ever young and beautiful, she is denied the love and adoration she so craves. Then a young priest, looking for fame and advancement, comes to save her. Will her need for his flesh be stronger than his need for her soul?

Orpheus and Eurydice 

Sometimes the worst thing the gods can give you is what you asked for:  When Eurydice finds herself in Hades she is mocked and tormented by demons. Can her husband rescue her before the fiends of Hell destroy her last spark of humanity? Can she and Orpheus overcome the wrath of the Queen of the Dead?

Rosi’s Castle 
(Book 1 in the series, Rosi’s Doors)

Rosi Carol is a 15-year-old girl who is forced to move to New England after the disappearance of her father.  When she arrives in her new home, she discovers that it is haunted. She is even more surprised to find out that she is the one haunting it. She sets out on a journey to discover a curse that has plagued her family for centuries.

This novel has also been awarded a Silver Medal (YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi) for this year's Readers Choice Awards

Rosi’s Time 
(Book 2 in the series, Rosi’s Doors

 Rosi has learned about her family’s secret and is being trained by her creepy uncle. While great responsibility may come with great power, so does the ability to royally screw things up, which Rosi and her friends unwittingly do. Every step they take is countered by a villain who is smarter than Rosi and seems to know more about her powers than she does.


Author Bio

Edward Eaton has studied and taught at many schools in the States, China, Israel, Oman, and France. He holds a PhD is Theatre History and Literature and has worked extensively as a theatre director and fight choreographer. As a writer, he has been a newspaper columnist, a theatre critic, and has published and presented many scholarly papers. He is author of the young adult series Rosi’s Doors, which includes: 

ROSI’S CASTLE, ROSI’S TIME, and the upcoming ROSI’S COMPANY. Other publications include the plays ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE and ELIZABETH BATHORY. In addition to his academic and creative pursuits, Ted is an avid SCUBA diver and skier. He currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife Silviya, a hospital administrator, and his son Christopher.


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Many thanks to Edward for being part of The Saturday Showcase. I hope you enjoy his books and I'll be back next week with a new novel for you. 

Keep cool and read on!

Bella x

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