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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Witchy Wednesday! Samhain!


Welcome to Witchy Wednesdays


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This is not your typical Witchy Wednesday post, as you can see there's lots of funny little cartoons! 

Today we are going to learn a little about Samhain ~ pronounced according to some schools of witchcraft 'Sow'ain'  and that this is also the most important festival in the Witch's calendar or year. 

Samhain marks the beginning and the end of the 'Wheel of the Year' it is just the same as the conventional calendars New Years Eve. 

Samhain begins as soon as it gets dark on the evening of the 31st October.  Celebrations are designed to peak or even commence at midnight, the witching hour.  

Some schools even hold their ceremonies on the 1st November to celebrate the New Year or sometimes even 2nd of the month if things run over schedule!

Samhain is traditionally associated with death, the spirits of the dead, and with what we are generally used to these days:  'Super Spookiness' a la the mass of creeptastic frightfest movies that are usually released this time of year.

The Samhain Festival marks the turning point of the oncoming winter months and in times past when it would be prudent to take stock of supplies for the winter.  These days however, we are lucky enough to have supermarkets. (We don't know we're born!) However, it is still correct to place offerings of food and wine (non alcoholic is fine) to the Gods and Goddess's out of respect for the old ways.

 Samhain or Halloween has taken on another role in the modern age, obviously apart from the Trick or Treating.  

It is thought that on this day, that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest.  Some Witches believe this is a time when it is possible for spirits who may wish to return to their loved ones, can and they will often set places at the feasting table for those who may come forward from the Shadow Realm to join in the celebrations. 

Witches do not typically summon spirits to make 'contact' as it is felt that once one has passed into the Shadow Realm, it's impolite to disturb the peace.  Only in exceptional cases and where the spirit is willing to come forward then this is a completely different scenario altogether.  But generally the rule is: let sleeping spirits lie.

It is also considered tradition to place a lit candle in a window of your home (away from the curtains obviously) to guide and welcome the spirits home and to deter any unwanted spirits entering.  

This is where the origin of using pumpkins as lanterns evolved.

There is a tremendous amount of information, and I mean heavily detailed information about this topic. I am just skimming the bare bones, pardon the pun, for you.

Any ritual or ceremony performed on this special night is sure to have more potency, so be careful what you wish for as it may not be what you really wanted!

And on that note, I'm going to apply my green uber slick face paint. Then I'm going to don my pointy hat with an extra heavy smattering of sequins and glitter, swirl my deliciously decadent black velvet cape over my twinkling midnight satin gown.  Get my broom stick, and in the fine tradition of Samhain all I have to say is:

'Fly my pretties, fly!!!'

Enjoy your day whatever you do!

)O( Blessings to one and all )O(


  1. I really love Samhain. I always light a candle for the people in my life who have moved on when it gets dark in the evening. Candy and costumes aside, there's plenty of room to think about your lost loved ones today ;)

  2. Me too Natalie. I will light my candle as soon as it gets dark and have a few moments of contemplative reflection for those that I miss!

    Wishing you a very Blessed Samhain )O(



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