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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Witchy Wednesdays! The Elements

Welcome to my new blog feature:

Witchy Wednesdays


'Bella's Book of Shadows'

Last week I showed you a very basic Love Spell and the week before I spoke  about the Wiccan Rede and the Threefold Law, so now you have that tucked safely under your belt we’ll move on to The Elements.

There are Five Elements:


҉  Ѳ  ҉ Ѳ  ҉  Ѳ  ҉


River, Lake, Sea, Cloud, Mist, Rain, Steam, Ice
Colours: Blue
Time: Dusk
Direction: West
Tools: Cauldron


Courage, passion, Energy
Colours: Orange, Red
Time: Noon Summer
Direction: South
Tools: Candle, Bonfire


Silence, Endurance, Sensuality
Colours: Brown, Green
Direction: North
Tools: Magick Circle

Breath, Intellect, Intuition
Colours: White, Yellow
Time:  Dawn Spring
Direction:  East
Tools: Broomstick

Purifying, Destruction, Cleansing, Energetic, Forceful
Colours: Purple, White, Silver, Gold
Time: Noon, High Summer
Direction:  All
Tools: All Stringed Instruments

҉   Ѳ   ҉   Ѳ   ҉   Ѳ   ҉

Now you know all the elements and a few of their many attributes.  I will now demonstrate their positions on a pentacle 

The positions of the Elements always remain the same on the pentagram or the pentacle (a pentagram is with a circle around the edge for those that don't know, a pentagram is the star on its own)

For me when I am casting a Circle I like to use things that echo each Elements properties, however nothing is set in stone, you need to be flexible and use your imagination and there's nothing to say that you can't use both candles and each Elements corresponding items together.  

For example:

Water: A Blue Candle or A Shell with or without spring/blessed water

Fire: A Red Candle or Small Cauldron or Dragon statue

Earth: A Green Candle or Salt or Soil in an earthenware dish

Air: A Yellow Candle or Feathers or Incense

Spirit: A White Candle or Butterfly (Fake or course) or Angel figure


You can also just use the candles the same colour as each Element on their own if you prefer.  There is also the option of using crystals too, picking the appropriate colour for each one if lighted candles are not an option. (Make sure the crystals have been properly cleansed prior to any magickal work ~ I'll talk more about crystals in a later post)

There are many items that you can associate with each Element, I'm just giving you a few examples that are readily available or better still you could make your own Element symbols, that way they would be even more potent, as while you are crafting them, you'll be infusing them with your power.

If you are of a 'crafty' nature, there are no end to the wonderful things you could create to symbolise the Elements, a little imagination goes a long long way. Perhaps a post on that too will ensue soon, as soon as my new work room is ready, we may have a crafty little session including photo's.

When you cast a Circle you will call on each Element in turn facing the direction to which they are related and when you close the Circle, you do so in reverse order, thanking each Element in turn otherwise you may have a few unexpected things happening afterwards.  But more about that next time in Circle Casting and Creating a Sacred Space.

You have more than enough to digest with this little bit of information and you can begin to gather things that inspire you for each Element.                                  

So until next week, be good and if you can't be good be careful! 

Blessed be


Bella x

                                          Copyright Bella Harte 2012 -  Bella’s Book of Shadows                                                                                                                                               

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