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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

‘Scarlett Phoenix’ Character Interview ~ 19 Questions with Scarlett Paige

Scarlett Phoenix Blog Tour

‘Scarlett Phoenix’ Character Interview

19 Questions with Scarlett Paige


1.       Hi Scarlett, could you tell us when and where you were born?
I originally come from England and my birthday is on 31st October ~ Halloween ~ one of the best days to have a birthday because you can dress up and no-one cares!

2.     Who do you look like? Your mother, father, or someone else?
I look like me! LOL My father is the tall, dark and handsome type and my mother is a willowy blonde with fine features, I suppose I look more like my mother than anyone.

3.     Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I’m an only child. However, I would’ve liked to have had some siblings.  It can get pretty lonely being an only child with dedicated career parents.  I envy my friends Alex and Clover, they have big families and are always complaining about the noise, who ate the last muffin, finding lost homework, they hate it, but I think it sounds like fun. You know the drill. You always want what you don’t have.

4.     Did you or do you know your grandparents?
No, I never met my grandparents, but by all accounts they were a colourful bunch. My father’s parents were from Switzerland and they emigrated to the States before my father was born.  Sadly they were killed in a car crash when he was at college.  My mother’s parents were from New York, they had a little milliner’s shop that sold accessories too and that’s why my mother became a fashion designer. They were quite old when they had her and passed over when I was very small, so unfortunately I don’t remember them at all.  I do love looking at all the old photo’s though, as family history is very interesting and really very entertaining at times!

5.     Is anyone in your family famous?
Not at the moment, though my mother is a pretty cool fashion designer, not a famous one but she does have some VIP clients that I’m not at liberty to talk about, however I can say this, there are lots of music video’s which my mother has styled/dressed the singers and dancers, which is uber cool. 

6.     What do you like to drink?
I’m too young for alcohol but I love hot chocolate with those little fluffy marshmallows… mmmmm… delicious! I can drink that morning, noon and night. But for first thing in the morning I like to have a caffeine fix, so coffee is my choice to start the day.
7.     Are you a morning person?
I like to read at night so I often get caught up in some book or another and can’t put it down until the last page is devoured.  So no not really, I like my bed, however I don’t linger too long otherwise the pain of leaving that luscious warm cocoon would be too much.

8.     What are your hobbies or interests?
I really enjoy reading, and I used to horse ride when I lived in England, but since moving to the States I haven’t had the time with settling into my new school and the big move. When I was younger I spent a lot of time in my mother’s design studio so I picked up some useful hobbies such as knitting, I can make a pretty mean scarf!  My mother taught me when I was younger so I had something to occupy myself with while she worked. I can sew and make clothes too which comes in pretty handy for clothes customization.

9.     What's your favourite food?
I’ve always loved Mexican food, hot and spicy full of flavour! LOL

10.  Nervous or calm?
Nervous underneath, externally slightly more poised.  There’s a saying ‘Remain calm and unruffled on the surface and paddle like the devil underneath.’  I suppose that fits me perfectly.

11.  Teacher or student?
Both. I think that you can learn something from everyone you meet, so it would be rather presumptuous to say teacher. However, if I’m asked and can help, then I put my teachers hat on.

12.  Leader or follower?
I don’t have herd mentality if that’s what you mean, LOL, I like to do my own thing. Though in some circumstances, that I won’t go into right now (there’s not enough paper) you have no choice but to follow and let someone else take the lead and trust in their judgement.

13.  Brave or fearful?
I’m not the ‘front row’ brave, but if it’s something I’m passionate about then I’ll step up to the plate and do my thing. I will stand my ground to the best of my abilities as the occasion dictates.

14.  Religious or superstitious?
Right now ~ Neither, I think there’s an explanation for everything.  That could be subject to change though in the near future.

15.  Tall or short?
5ft 7” so I’m about average with a slim build

16.  Long hair or short?
Long long blonde hair, I like to plait it or wear it up in a ponytail.  Long hair is great fun and you can have so many different looks.  I thought about chopping it all off once, but my mother stopped me, I’m really she did.

17.  Introvert or extrovert?
I don’t like to be the centre of attention, even though that sometimes happens.  My 18th birthday party was one of those moments.  My mother had very kindly made my outfit for the Halloween Birthday Party. All I could say when I saw it was ‘OMG!’ followed by ‘You can’t be serious?’ followed by ‘No way!’  I’m not saying anymore as I still blush crimson when I think about that outfit!

18.  Grunge or Glam?
I suppose you could say casual glam, not glam glam, with moderate grunge on occasion just to liven up the mix a bit. Life’s too short to just have one style, plus just look at all the uber cool clothes you can buy. It’s a shopper paradise out there in the big wide world.

19.  Do you have any pets?
Not at the moment, I would really like a Siamese cat at some point but after the Hamster Surprise Incident I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon. When I was much younger I had a hamster called Horace and I used to let him run around the house, until one day Horace got in mums handbag (Don’t ask me how that happened, Ok, I thought she’d like some company at work, and Horace was the obvious choice as he fitted perfectly in her bag).  I’ll never forget the look on her face, total shock, that frozone moment where time stands still, followed by sheer horror and then the ear-splitting scream when she put her hand in the bag and felt something soft warm and furry!

Thank you so much for the interview and I do hope that you enjoy reading my story in ‘Scarlett Phoenix’ Book I of The Seraphoenix Trilogy

Scarlett Paige


[Image Copyright Africa Studio 2011 
Used under license from Shutterstock.com]

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  1. Love character interviews! This was great! Thanks for sharing. :D


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