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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Welcome to Witchy Wednesdays ~ Is it the end of the world? Or not?

Welcome to   

Witchy Wednesdays


'Bella's Book of Shadows'

Welcome to this weeks post.  For a little re-cap on last time just click the link below:


 This week, as we are getting closer to that highly anticipated day

21 - 12 - 2012

The supposed End of the World as we mere mortals know it, the mother of all Dooms Day Prophecies ~ The end of the Mayan Calendar.  I thought that it would be appropriate to engage in a Ritual.

On same day is also the Winter Solstice the shortest day and longest night.  This has to be one of my favourite days of the year, because when it passes every day after it gets a little lighter for a little longer as the days draw out and before you know it, we're heading full speed ahead towards Spring.

So back to the task at hand. If the world does end, or we get those fabled extraterrestrial visitors (or Ancient Aliens as some theorists call them) dropping in for a nice cup of tea and a hot scone with strawberry jam with a nice dollop of fresh cream. If we do get the latter I just hope and pray they are nothing like Ridley Scott's Aliens! (Seriously BIG EEEK!  Facehuggers and being implanted with freaky murderous alien creatures that want to explode from my chest cavity, is not on my to-do list any time ever!)

But I digress, some other theorists believe that we as a race will move into a higher dimension of consciousness and the long lost gifts of the ancient races will be bestowed upon us once again, and others believe that the mystical planet Nibiru will dramatically appear from inside a wormhole and collide with the earth! Smashing!!!  

I was thinking about Nibiru while driving home from work this evening, if it does exist, what's to say that it isn't a ginormous Alien spaceship, remember the DeathStar from Star Wars? Exactly my point! 

There are so many different perspectives on what is going to happen on this very special calendar date ending over five thousand years of history.  I for one, hope that mankind stops ravaging the planet and sees that for any serious longevity for future generations, there has to be another way to sustain the ever growing population we have.

A little respect for Mother Nature and her bounty is all that we need. So with this in mind, I'm sharing a ritual to Honour the Great Mother Earth and The Great Father of the Sky.


The Earth Honour Ritual

You will need the following:

҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉

Sage Smudge Stick or Cleansing Spray*

1 x Green Candle 
1 x Pink Candle  
1 x White Candle
(The candles should be cleansed & if you feel like anointing them with your favourite oil, that's fine)

3 x Candle Holders

A bag of mixed tumbled stones (Cleansed)
A cushion to sit on
Soft music - optional

҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉


Firstly cleanse the space you are going to perform your ritual, either with the smudge stick or cleaning mist.

Place your tumble stones in a circle on the ground, making sure there's enough space for you to sit comfortably.

Place your three candles on a low altar in front of you (this doesn't have to be inside the circle) and light them in the following order.

Honour the Mother Goddess - Green Candle 
Honour the Father God - White Candle

Light the pink candle - LOVE - and place between the green and white.

Sit inside your stone circle on your cushion (Numb bums are not helpful) and focus on the pink candle which represents the love of everything on this planet, from the tallest trees to the tiniest shell at the bottom of the deepest ocean. From the birds in the sky to all the land creatures, down to the smallest insects.  

Imagine a filmy pink gossamer ribbon radiating from your heart chakra and spreading out, right out and encompassing the entire planet in soft pink auric glow and let feelings of love, life, gratitude and peace fill your heart chakra and permeate these emotions into the ribbon you have wrapped our planet in, let those feelings grow and flow, the soft pink becoming more vibrant the longer you continue.

You can meditate as long as you need, when you feel you are nearing completion.  Focus your entire intent on the glowing pink ribbon.  Imagine that it falls gently to the surface and as it hits the ground the ribbon bursts into a shower of glitter, burning very brightly for a few moments and then it disappears into the ground in a shimmering ethereal shower.

Let all your intentions settle gently into the ground, this may take a few minutes, so don't rush.  Slowly bring your awareness back into the present moment and take a deep cleansing breath.

You may continue to let the candles burn down fully or you may burn them down over several nights.

Once they're finished plant the wax remains in the ground or a plant pot if you don't have access to a garden.  This seals your intent.


Just a quick cautionary note:  Please don't leave candles lit or unattended at anytime ever! (Sorry but I just have to say it)



So I will be doing this Ritual at 7.30pm GMT on 21-12-12  - if you want to join in, wherever you are in the world, that would be awesome!  Nothing like a group effort to show some love, kindness, peace & gratitude.

If the world does end in 2 days time, I'll take this opportunity to say: You've been an AWESOME audience and thanks very much!

However, if life continues to trundle along on a usual:-

Until next week, be good and if you can't be good be careful and if you have any questions, leave a comment, as I love your comments!


Bella x

   Copyright Bella Harte 2012 -  Bella’s Book of Shadows 

* For really excellent Cleansing Mists Visit

Advisory Note: I accept no responsibility for anyone performing these spells or the outcome that they may incur.   You perform these rituals by your own volition and thereby exonerating me entirely by your own actions of using this information.  Act responsibly and never leave burning candles unattended & always put herbs/oils/magickal items in a safe place.   Thank you.



  1. Ooo, I love when the days start to get longer!!! :D

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one then!! LOL :D


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