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Monday, 7 January 2013

The Monday Muse ~ Character interview with Karen Y. Bynum

The Monday Muse

Well it's Monday morning again, blah! But the good news is that I have something to take your mind off the horrendous fact that there are another five days left until the weekend! LOL

So today my little chickadees, author of the fabulous novel, Which Way to Turn, Karen Y. Bynum is back with an insightful character interview for us... excited? Yes, me too!

Without further adieu, let's get started. 

Questions for Breena Cross ~ Witch Way to Turn

Could you tell us when and where you were born?

I was born on October 30, 1994 in Texas, but I was taken away from my family and put into foster care. I grew up in Rhodhiss, North Carolina and that’s where I live now.

Tell us a little about yourself, your family, any brothers or sister etc...

About me, well, I work full-time at the pharm—uh, sorry, pharmacy—and go to community college part-time. I’m working on my associate’s degree in Social Work. Any free time I have is spent with my foster sister, Jenny. And recently I’ve kind of been seeing someone. His name is Orin and he’s a preternatural assassin. In case you don’t know, preternaturals were vampires who wanted to be human again, but a spell went wrong and made them something else. They have pointed ears instead of fangs, can poof to places they’ve been before and eat souls. *bites lip* I, uh, also have feelings for my co-worker. His name is Myles. He’s a vampire convict. He’s been a real friend to me and Jenny, but it seems like friendship is about as far as that’s gonna go.

Do you have any special gifts, if so what are they and how did you come to possess such wondrous attributes?

There’s some messed up stuff going on with me right now. I’ve discovered things that freak me out. For one, I’m half-preternatural...which means, I crave soul...and not just the oh-it’d-be-nice-to-nibble-on-some, no this is intense. All-consuming... Attack the first soul I find, kind of thing. It’s scary. Especially when I get the craving and the only soul around is my foster sister’s.

 Also, I’m half-witch, so I have this energy inside of me. I don’t really understand it, but all I know is one day Jenny was in danger and when I tried to fight the attacker, this blue light burst out of my hands.
It’s taken me a while, but I’m finally starting to accept that I’m never gonna be...normal.

What is your favourite tv show/book/movie/song?

Fav TV show? Hell’s bells, who has time for that? Jenny loves Gossip Girl though. I shouldn’t let her watch it—she’s only seven—but it makes her happy. And to see her smile...well, what can I say? I’m weak. I don’t really have much time for reading, but I do try to read to Jenny before bed. Her favorite is A Little Princess. Fav song? Anything by Nirvana. The pain in Kurt Cobain’s voice calms me for some reason.

What is your favourite drink?

Definitely POM brand pomegranate juice. I don’t get it a lot though because it’s really expensive.

What is your favourite type of food?

I love Italian food, but Jenny hates it with a passion. So, ya know. Don’t get it often.

Do you have any hobbies or pastimes?

There’s a dam near where I live, and I love to go up there to think. Sitting alone, high above the world, it’s just...one of the few times I feel safe.

In a dangerous situation do you: Fight or Flee?

How would you describe your personal style?

Uh, quick and easy? If I’m not in my work polo and jeans then I’m in a tank top and jeans. Okay, sometimes I wear shorts. And my shoe of choice...a pair of Keds. I’ve got them in at least five different colors.

Are you more Glam than Grunge or more Grunge than Glam?

Yeah, um, neither?

What's your preferred pet, cat or dog or other?

Cat. But if I ever got a pet, it’d have to be a dog. Jenny loves dogs.

What's your fondest memory growing up?

Well, growing up in a bad foster home made most of my memories...not so fond, and my birthdays normally made for the worst memories of all until my eleventh birthday. After a bad episode with my foster mom, I ran away. To be honest, I would’ve rather died then go back there. But that’s when I found Jenny. Someone had just abandoned her in the woods. She needed me, but really I needed her more.

If you had a choice, would you:

A. sleep under the stars
   B. sleep in a gypsy caravan
C. check into a 5* hotel

Definitely sleep under the stars, far away from people. Sleeping in a gypsy caravan would just be too much temptation for my soul lust right now. And there’s no way in hell I could afford a 5* hotel.

Are you a nature lover or city slicker?

Nature for sure. I’ve always liked being outside. Besides, crowds freak me out.

If you saw a giant black hairy spider crawling up the bed towards you, would you:

            A. Scream like a girl and run like hell
      B. lay paralysed and pray for rescue
      C. adopt it as your new pet

Ha! Living in my low-rent apartment means this happens on a regular. So I’ve had to squish lots of spiders.

If you had 3 wishes what would they be?

Easy. Custody of Jenny, to be half as resilient as her and...not be in love with two guys.

Thanks very much to Breena Cross for being with us today and I hope that it took your mind off the Monday morning blues for a few minutes!


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Thank you for joining me this morning and I'll be back in a couple of days with the usual 'Witchy Wednesday'

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  1. Hi Bella! Thanks so much for inviting me and Breena on your blog. We had a great time! Happy Monday! :D

  2. Hey Karen

    I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourself, along with Breena and anytime you need a promo, just shout, ok?

    Happy Monday back to you ♥

    Bella x


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