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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesday Book Reveal & Interview ~ Gabriel by Tina Pollick

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The Wednesday Reveal

Author Interview and Excerpt




Tina Pollick

Publish date: January 23, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Book Blurb:

When demons sunder ancient bonds, a love-match between a valiant archangel and a selfless nurse brings humanity's last hope -- but demon-taint may destroy them both.

The prison the archangels have guarded, housed deep within the earth is destroyed, releasing Kematians (demons) to feed upon humanity. The angels are losing the battle again as the Kematians ability to regenerate hampers the angel’s ability to destroy them. Gabriel is stabbed by an Angel Killing Sword; he’s accepted his fate that he will die; only to be revived by Calla’s ability to heal.

Calla Stevens, RN, tries to find who or what is killing the victims that are coming into the ER, only to be infected herself when she comes face-to-face with the Kematians. Calla has saved Gabriel once, is she’s willing to trade her life for his this time?

Archangel Gabriel struggles with new emotions as he discovers Calla is his soul mate. He strives to defend humanity, with the assistance of his brother Archangel Michael and new human friends. Gabriel will have to choose whether he will live or die when his future with Calla is destroyed.


About the Author:

When Tina Pollick isn’t writing paranormal romance about Heavenly hunks, and smart, sassy women, this RN enjoys a quiet home life with her husband, children, two horses, two dogs, cat, chickens, guineas, well sort of quiet.

Tina has just finished her first Urban Fantasy novel, GABRIEL, A Kematian Hunter Series and is working on the first book of another Urban Fantasy series, SOUL BROKER.
You can find Tina Pollick on Facebook and Twitter. Stop by and say hello.

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Are you kidding me? You weigh maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet. What do you think you’re doing walking alone at night?” She noticed Eric looking down at all five feet three inches of her, scowling. “Let me give you a ride home.”
Eric’s radio went off. “Shit. I have to go, Calla, another attack. Call a cab, please.”
Yeah, sure.”
He hurried away. Calla walked in the opposite direction, towards her house. She took this path three to four days a week on her way home from work. There wasn’t any way she was going to call a cab.
She heard footsteps closing in behind her. Alarmed, she wrapped her hand around the can of mace in her pocket and picked up her pace.
The footsteps were gone. Had she imagined them? Calla turned her head to look but she was alone. “Get it together, chicken. You’re scaring yourself now.”
She rounded the corner nearing an alley. A trickle of red blood flowed from it, creeping onto the sidewalk. Calla stopped in front of a pathway as uneasiness washed over her. Fear and ethics battled within her. Ethics won, but her legs felt like lead, and they weren’t moving. She forced herself to take a few steps and spotted a mound lying next to the wall.
After several tense seconds, she tightened her grip on the can of mace and slowly made her way towards the heap on the ground.
This is exactly how all the stupid girls are killed in the movies. They go walking right into danger, and boom, they’re dead.
Approaching the mound, she trembled. As she moved closer she saw a tanned foot sticking out from the trench coat. Calla bent down, her chest heaving, hands shaking as she reached the foot and gave it a quick shake, but nothing happened. Relax, before you hyperventilate and end up on the ground, too. Breathe, Calla, breathe.
She stood, crept forward, and reached for what she hoped was the head. She knelt down and pulled back the thick trench coat. His head turned to the side, face badly beaten, eyes cracked to reveal a glimmer of the brightest green she had ever seen.
Holy shit!” She jumped back, startled.
The man didn’t move. She bent down again this time reaching for his neck. The pulse was weak. She had already used her gifts twice this evening, and her body still ached from the two previous failures. “Focus. You can do this.” She struggled to turn the man onto his back. When she finally rolled him over there was a knife, with a green hue as if the metal was oxidized, protruding out of his chest.
Of course there’s a knife,” Calla murmured to herself.
I’m going to try to help you,” she whispered in his ear. She knew she might not be able to save him, but she had to try. If she could pull the knife out in a quick motion she could heal him. She placed her hands around the hilt of the knife and pulled. Nothing happened. “Maybe if I get some leverage.”
Calla straddled the man, planting one tennis shoe on each side of his limp body. She bent down and wrapped both hands around the hilt and pulled with everything she had. The knife began to move—barely—but it was moving. It felt like pulling a rubber boot stuck in thick mud. After a few more attempts the suction released, and the knife was freed.
She collapsed on his chest and sat up, placing both palms on the bleeding wound. “Please, oh please let this work.” Calla focused on the wound, gathering energy. Then her hands began to glow. Sweat dripped matting blonde hair to her forehead, and her vision began to dim. “I won’t let you die,” she promised.
Then darkness embraced her.

Author Interview

Hi Tina, thanks for joining us today!

Are you working on anything new right now?

I just finished another paranormal romance novella, Soul Broker. I’m working on Raphael the second book in the Kematian Hunter Series. And I’m in the plotting phase of a brand new series.

If you could Time Travel, what year would you visit and why?

I would go ahead five years. You know as an author, there are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to submissions, stories, marketing. I’d just like to know if I’m on the right path.

How do you come up with the Titles for your novels?

I suck at title names. Gabriel is the main archangel so that’s the title. I know some people are brilliant with them, but I struggle with all names, not just titles. If I had it my way every man would be Bob with a number. Bob 1, Bob 2, etc… And the girls would be Susie. Susie 1, Susie 2, etc…

Do you have a day job, other than writing?

I’m a registered nurse. I usually have a nursing job of some kind, along with run my husband’s business.

What is your preferred method of writing:-  The plot pre-planned from day one, or just go with the flow and see what happens next?

I’m a halfster. I kind of plan, but mostly it’s by the seat of my pants.

Which type of book do you prefer to read?

                               a. ebook
            b. paperback <- They’re just the right size.
            c. hardback

Do you have any input in the Cover design of your novel?

My publisher does ask the authors questions pertaining to the cover. I think the cover artist, Sweet Cherry Design, captured my characters perfectly, right down to the pose.

What is the best thing about writing for you?

This is a tough question. I like to get to know new characters and then follow them on their journey. I write sometimes and the scene isn’t anything like I thought it would. On those days, I really love writing. On the other days, it’s frustrating, sometimes difficult, and fulfilling all at the same time. I really do love writing about ninety percent of the time, it’s that ten percent that will get you. 

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I’m a night owl by nature, but I have kids so I’m up in the mornings. It takes me about three hours of being awake to start writing. Let’s see it’s 11:49 AM, This is the second thing I’ve written and I’ve been up since 6:30 AM. Of course I have to get my kids up and ready for school, so by about 8:00 AM the house is quiet and everyone is gone. So I’m forced into being a late morning person. 

Tell us one thing that no-one else knows about you.

Well my husband has known me since we were teenagers so I don’t think there’s anything he doesn’t know about me, but I’ll tell you something most people don’t know.

I don’t like to eat a lot of sweets. I’m a die hard chip girl. Don’t get me wrong I like chocolate every now and then, and I eat sweet tarts when I’m editing, but I really like to eat chips. My favorite are dill pickle flavored potato chips. 


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So there you have it - a brand new hot and spicy release on this cold frosty morning, just what we need to keep the circulation flowing and don't forget to stop by Tina's Blog and join in the party if you get chance!

I hope you've enjoyed this special feature today, and don't panic Witchy Wednesday's will be back ASAP.

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