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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Welcome to Witchy Wednesdays! Divine Cosmic Flow Ritual!

Welcome to   
Witchy Wednesdays


'Bella's Book of Shadows'

Greetings and Salutations on this second Wednesday of 2013.  I must apologise for my absence last Wednesday, only circumstances beyond my control prevented this regular feature from being posted.  Ah well, at least I can post this week instead.

So Happy New Year to you and to keep the good luck flowing, the happiness happening and good things occurring all round, I'm going to share a simple ritual that you can perform every week (if you want) to keep the cosmic flow of all that is divine flowing into your life.


Divine Cosmic Flow Ritual

You will need the following

҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉  ∞ ҉∞ ҉

1 x Silver Candle - tall
1 x Candle Holder
8 x Clear Quartz (size does not matter!)
Incense of your choosing

҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉  ∞ ҉∞ ҉


Prepare your Sacred Space and if you want to go the whole hog, cast a circle (It is not necessary to cast a Circle for this simple ritual, but if you feel it will help you focus then please do so, just remember to close it properly when you are finished).

Light the incense.

Place your cleansed candle in the holder and light, surround the candle with the 8 quartz crystals (cleansed and programmed for your personal intent) and sit.

Focus on the flame, let the Divine Cosmic force fill your being, breathe it in, let it envelop you completely and imagine your new desired life within the flame, see all the good things you wish to draw into your life. Feel the Cosmic flow bring it to you in a glittering silver shower, raining all that Divine Radiance upon you and wrap around your being like a silken silver cocoon, feel this sensation throughout your body.

Hold onto those feelings, emotions and images as you slowly become more and more relaxed watching the flame flicker, using the power of the flame to ignite your passions and desires for change as you quietly meditate on your goals for the coming year.

You can spend as long as you want on this ritual, however I do recommend that you do it at least once a week to re-affirm your wishes and dreams.  This way you're more likely to achieve what you want.

(Keep the crystals safe and bring them out for this ritual only, by then end of the year you can bury them on the Winter Solstice as an offering, giving back a little for what you have received)

I like to burn the Silver candle down approximately an inch, and then I repeat the ritual exactly 7 days later until the candle is gone.

Then just get another candle and begin again.  You can bury the remnants of the old candle in the earth, voicing your intent as you do so.

Silver Light, Silver Star
Cast your glow wherever you are
Bathe me in love and light
Make all things right 
Bring me joy
Bring me hope
Bring me all that I need
to succeed
Gods & Goddess's hear my plea
Blessings and love to one and all
So mote it be

҉ ∞ ҉ ∞ ҉  ∞ ҉∞ ҉


Never leave a lit candle unattended ever and extinguish fully after you have finished.


So until next week, be good and if you can't be good be careful and if you have any questions about this ritual or any of the other Witchy Wednesday posts, leave a comment ~ Thanks!


Bella x

  Copyright Bella Harte 2012-13 -  Bella’s Book of Shadows 

Advisory Note: I accept no responsibility for anyone performing these spells/rituals or the outcome that they may incur.   You perform these spells/rituals by your own volition and thereby exonerating me entirely by your own actions of using this information.  Act responsibly and never leave burning candles unattended.   Thank you.

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