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Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Sunday Spotlight ~ Talking with Suzy Turner

The Sunday Spotlight

Author Interview

If you were here yesterday, then you'll know that the awesome author Suzy Turner is with us today, spilling the beans on life, the universe and everything - well almost!

Talking with Suzy


The Sunday Spotlight

Hi Suzy and welcome to my blog!

Firstly can you tell us a little about yourself?

Sure! I'm a Yorkshire lass who moved to Portugal with my family when I was ten years old. I've lived here ever since (ahem, 27 years!) but my husband and I are currently in the process of selling up and moving back to Ol' Blighty! I find the UK such an inspiring place to be for a writer, with all its incredible historical buildings and beautiful countryside.
Wanna buy an Algarve villa??! lol

Have you published any other novels, if so can you share the details?

Yes I have. I currently have four full length novels and one novella out in the Big Wide World. They're all for Young Adults and all continue to receive amazing reviews (Phew!). The Raven Saga consists of three books: Raven (free), December Moon and The Lost Soul. This was my very first series which was inspired by a visit to western Canada in 2010. My other novel, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw) and free novella (Daisy Madigan's Paradise) are the first books in The Morgan Sisters series, which was inspired by an amazing London actor I met last year, hence the books being based in England.

Are you working on anything new right now?

I'm literally about to start writing the second full length novel in The Morgan Sisters series. I don't have a working title yet though.

Can you offer any advice to the fledgling authors, just starting out?

If you absolutely love to write, never give up.
Take no notice of negative criticism (positive criticism, however, is another story!)
Be sure to find yourself a brilliant cover designer. Believe me, it's the cover which will get you noticed before anything else.
Make sure you've got a good reliable group of beta readers lined up well in advance of your publication date.

What are you reading at the moment & would you recommend it to us?

I'm reading Poppet's Indigo Vamporium and it's brilliant. Poppet is an amazing author whose books take you out of this world. This is her first foray into YA books and I have to say, I'm seriously impressed (her other books have scared the living bejeesus outta me so it's nice to read something a little calmer!)

If you could Time Travel, what year would you visit and why?

I'd love to experience life in British Victorian times because I'd love to write a Steampunk novel at some stage and it would be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G to have some first hand experience of life in that era.

Do you have a day job, other than writing?

I'm incredibly fortunate to have a very supportive husband! I used to work in newspaper and magazine publishing, where I started out as a trainee journalist and eventually became a magazine editor. But when the recession led to redundancy, it also led me to fulfill a dream of becoming an author. The world works in mysterious ways! Oh, and I've also worked as the Script Supervisor for a full length feature Brit flick that was shot in the Algarve last year.

Do you like to write while listening to music and if so, does your book have a particular playlist you’d like to share?

I love listening to music whilst writing. The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw was penned to Lana Del Rey's Born To Die album... I love her sound, it's amazing, so dark and eerie.

What is the best thing about writing for you?

Apart from being able to create whole new worlds, the best thing is getting fan mail! Waking up in the morning and receiving emails from readers all over the world who have loved my books is the best feeling in the world.

Who’s your greatest inspiration to date?

I'm going to be really cheesy and say JK Rowling for obvious reasons :)

Apart from writing, do you have any other hobbies?

I love to cycle with my husband. I'm also currently teaching myself how to sew! After losing quite a bit of weight, I'm trying to alter some of my favourite clothes to fit me again. You could also say I'm a bit of a TV and movie addict... I guess that could be called a hobby!

How many hours a day do you dedicate to your writing?

I don't write to the clock, I go by word count instead. When I have deadlines, I break down how many words I must write per day to reach my goals. It works really well, actually.

If you didn’t write, what would you do instead to fill the creative void?

I really enjoyed my time working on the film (The Right Juice) last year, so I'd probably be involved in making movies.

Thanks Suzy!




I really hope you've enjoyed todays post and just as a little flourish extra for you, here's a glimpse at some of Suzy's other fabulous novels.

Until next week, stay cool and be totally awesome!

Bella x

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