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Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Saturday Showcase with Guest Author Tressa Messenger + Give Away!

Welcome to

The Saturday Showcase

Saturday greetings to you all and welcome to another great showcase with my special guest author and her wonderful novel!

This I Promise You


Tressa Messenger

Book Blurb:

You only get one first of anything, and no matter the time, or space, or age, you never forget your firsts.

When thirteen year old Nicky Moore’s parents decide to buy a small summer beach cottage at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, she thought her life would end.  It didn’t matter the beauty of the area - land and water as far as the eye could see - she was bound and determined to make her family’s summer vacation as dismal as she felt.  That was until she met a boy from down the beach; a beautiful boy, with the most intense brown eyes she had ever seen and a smile that could light the ocean on fire.  A summer that Nicky thought was doomed from the start, turned into a summer that she would never forget; one full of firsts.  It was impossible for her to know years later how one seemingly little decision could change everything forever, but soon, as an adult, Nicky will find out that everything she once thought were real and the promises once made, were lost in a sea of inner turmoil.


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Author Bio:

I am a small town girl with big dreams. I grew up in a small coastal community called Pamlico County in the town of Reelsboro, North Carolina. Growing up in such a rural area there wasn't much to do, so I developed a wide fantasy finding solace in writing poetry and songs. Being a gypsy at heart I left my little secure coastal town to discover other parts of the country, always looking for my next adventure. It was a sad and lonely time, but also a fun and exciting time in my life. I had too many emotions to process so I started to put it all down on paper. That became the start of my first novel, which I have yet to finish. 

When I was 30 I sat down and felt an overwhelming urge to write, even though I had no clue where to start. I spent that year writing nonstop until my first complete novel entitled Protector was finished. This novel was a dream come true, although I found out during the process, at 31 years old, I am dyslexic. Reading was always a struggle throughout my life and finding out why has really made a difference in me and my writing. Writing is such a wonderful and daunting process, but I have succeeded in doing something I never thought I would do. As of now I have 5 novels published: Protect, Protect Me, Protect Us, Too Close To Home and This I Promise You, with many more on the way. Writing is such a passion of mine and I hope my readers feel the love I put into my work and know that no matter your past, you can do anything.

I have also created a pen name for my alter ego who writes adult fiction.  Her name is Marilyn Nouveau.  Check out her work, it's pretty amazing if I do say so myself:)

After years of being away I moved back to North Carolina and currently live outside of my hometown. In my real life I am a medical professional, married to the love of my life and have the greatest daughter one could ask for. What else could anyone want?

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So there you have another great novel on today's showcase.

There's lot's more coming up so don't wander too far away!

Until then, keep calm and pick up another book!

Bella x

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