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Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Sunday Spotlight ~ Talking with ER Pierce

The Sunday Spotlight

Author Interview and Excerpt*

(*Advisory on Excerpt: Adult themes & Sexual Content - not recommended for under 18's)

If you were here yesterday you'll know that today ER Pierce is joining me on the blog sharing writing, life and a juicy little secret!

So we'll jump right in and begin...

Talking with ER 


The Sunday Spotlight

Welcome ER and thank you so much for being here today.

Firstly, are you working on anything new right now?

ER: I'm finishing up Table for Two (Hot Lunch #3) and starting Righteous - Cordelia Kelly #2.

What inspires you to write?

ER: My emotions. They need an outlet
What is your all-time favourite novel?

ER: Not a novel, but a series. The In Death series by J.D. Robb

Who is your all-time favourite author?

ER: J.D Robb and Ilona Andrews
Do you have a favourite quote?

ER:  "Time doesn't heal all wounds, handy lie though it may be. Time forces acceptance of what cannot be changed."  ~ Aurelia Fridell, Fractured Moon.

How do you come up with the Titles for your novels?

ER: Usually they form out of the story itself and smack me in the face.

Do you have a day job, other than writing?

ER: Housekeeper, chauffer, cook, maid, UFC referee. AKA I'm a stay at home mom to four hellspawn under the age of 9.

What is your preferred method of writing:-  The plot pre-planned from day one, or just go with the flow and see what happens next?

ER:  I have a plot in my head, I usually know the general feeling and tone of the story, but when I sit at the computer, words fly and I go with the flow.

Do you have any weird writing rituals? (Such as, you can only start writing after you've scoffed all the choc-chip cookies and drank 3 cups of coffee or only after you've listened to a certain song or playlist?)

ER: I write to a whirling fan. ALWAYS. No music, no distractions, just the fan, my laptop and my mind.

Do you have any input in the Cover design of your novel?

ER: As a self-published author, I have total control over my covers. I have designed them all myself.

Tell us one thing that no-one else knows about you.

ER: My first kiss was at the age of 14, in the deep end of a pool, with lots of tongue.  It was exhilarating, and terrifying. I had no idea what to do :P

Thank you so much ER for sharing a little of you with all of us!



For those of you who might not be ready for some serious X-rated hot hot hotness this early on a Sunday morning... just scroll down! LOL 

And if you are younger than 18 - please look away now!

I unzipped his jeans and lowered both them and his boxers over his hips, exposing his throbbing hard cock. The plump head full and ripe, ready for whatever I had in mind. He arched, sending his cock high in the air and toward my face. Zach was consumed by lust, emotions, and my scent.
“Please,” he whispered.
My hand surrounded his shaft as I pumped up and down, listening to him groan, and fighting the urge to mount and ride him hard, fast, and dirty. The silk of my shirt caressed my nipples, teasing me further. My hips rotated and swayed from side to side, my inner thighs rubbed my pulsing clit, and I moaned as I attempted to assuage the deep ache on my own.
The sweet taste of banana cream flowed down my throat as I inhaled the primal desires of lust.
A sharp crack sounded in the steamy, spinning room, and then a painful sting rent its way through my body. I turned my head, and there was Sol, kneeling behind my naked ass with his hand up and eyebrow raised.
“If you needed something, you could have asked,” he said in a smooth, even tone. I couldn’t tell if he was turned on, irritated, angry, or jealous. Maybe he was none of those things. I mean, who was I to him? And what did it matter who I screwed?
I tried to clear my throat on a hasty rebuttal, but my voice seemed lost, and suddenly, I deflated. A mess of emotions slid over my usually tough skin, and I started trembling. Then I realized I must have let my shields down when I’d fallen asleep, so sure Sol would keep me safe. The hazy spell I was under dissipated, leaving me bereft. The darker side retreated back into the holes of me, and I lay vulnerable and exposed to all the emotional energy around me.


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So there you have another great author interview and excerpt. I do hope you've enjoyed my first Sunday Spotlight since February, and next week I'm Showcasing and Spotlighting Tressa Messenger with a Give-Away and Smashwords Coupon for her latest novel, so don't miss out on that!

Until then, stay cool and be totally awesome.

Bella xx


  1. Thank you, Bella! I had a great time visiting your blog.

    1. Thank you for joining me, it was great fun!!!


  2. *Smiles* ER, I like your favorite quote. I have held on to that particular lie myself, about time healing all wounds, but time and life has taught me your version is probably more correct.

    *Wicked grin* I wondered what excerpt you'd choose from Duality...you certainly selected a hot one. Good choice.

    As someone who has read all of ER's books, I can attest she's keeps getting better with each new book. Duality is by far her best piece of work and I know Duality-2 is going to be even hotter.

    Ladies, well done - excellent interview.

  3. Thank you, Will, for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate the support. Aurelia holds a special place in my heart. The damaged, almost broken werewolf speaks soft words in my ear, of longing, of yearning, of love.


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