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Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Saturday Showcase with Guest Author Emma Carolan

Welcome to

The Saturday Showcase

If you've been here for last few showcases, you'll know what kind of weather I've been experiencing.  This week it went Biblical - almost - there was a storm on Tuesday tea time/early evening, the likes I have never ever seen.  I seriously thought a hurricane was on it's way, that's how ferocious it was.  Needless to say the whole world saw it on the news the following day - just search flash floods Nottinghamshire July 2013 - you'll see the seriousness. 

My business got totally flooded, the premises were several inches under water, so I had to enlist the help of my cousins to help get the water out, we finished at just after midnight, so it was a long day. It's all ok now though, thank goodness.

Anyway enough of my flood dramas and back to the showcase which is really much more than just a showcase - it's a: 


I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to introduce you to a new author with her debut novel, so drum roll please and welcome:

Leap of Faith


Emma Carolan

25 July 2013
  • Paperback: 632 pages
  • Publisher: Creative Flight Publishing

Book Blurb:

Katriona lost her Mum in a car crash at the tender age of four leaving her in the care of her possessive father, Nick. That horrific day and the tragic events to come changed her life forever. This young woman has suffered a lifetime of pain, yet never shed one tear. 

Hiding her sorrow became second nature, leaving her a shell of a woman, until she met Jason. Never wanting or needing love, Katriona finds herself at crossroad with the young and handsome green eyed stranger, who from the moment they met was determined to tear down the walls encasing her damaged heart. 

Will she ruin this perfect man? 

Will he run when he gets to know the woman with no soul? 

She'll only know if she takes a... Leap of Faith

Buy Links:

Coming soon to: www.amazon.com

Author Bio:

Emma Carolan is a bright and talented new comer residing in Dundalk, Ireland. She enjoys digital photography, and is very passionate about writing. 

The joy of creating something from nothing, is all Emma asks from life. This creative young woman is one to watch.

Author Links:

I'm back tomorrow with Emma


The Sunday Spotlight

I hope you can join us then and here's wishing you a fabulous Saturday!

Bella xx

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