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Saturday, 21 December 2013

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Featuring O.L. Ramos ~ The Keeper Series~ Book III Rebirth




O.L. Ramos


The Keeper Series

Book III



Book Blurb:

When Klein divided the supernatural community and threw the gauntlet down, Liz and crew warned everyone. They watched and did their best to protect the world. No one could have counted on the sadistic vampire's plan, and no one could be ready for it. 

Now, the world is drowning in the vile Hela poison. Supers are panicking in the streets, old forgotten legends have reemerged expecting the end of the world, and the long dreaded end might be upon all of us. 

Liz is finally together with the tortured Vincent, and they’re genuinely happy. But the two may never know true bliss. The great lie, the world behind the veil, might be revealed.

If that happens, not even Michael, nature's favorite werewolf, may be able to restore the balance.

But there is something else that is emerging from the mask of mystery. Two ancient enemy forces are about to fight a war; their battleground? 

Earth itself.


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At this point, I’m not even sure I want to go anywhere. This place looks great to me. But should I give in to temptation? Or should I take some time and weigh my options? It’s just a kiss after all, right?
     “I can sense your hesitation,” Michael says as he moves away from me. “But…in all honesty, I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to resist you anymore.”
     Michael moves back to my face and gives me a slow gentle kiss on my lips. His kisses are tender and gentle. I grab the back of his head and refuse to let him go.

Author Interview:
Hi OL, welcome and thanks for joining us on the blog today.
Are you a morning person or a night owl or an inbetweener?
I’m definitely a night owl. I don’t want to sound gloomy, but I do enjoy being all alone. I hate traffic! And although I am no longer in my hometown, (which has a lot more traffic), my “small city” isn’t as small as I would like. So I gotta wait until the magic hour hits to escape from the house; around 9pm or so, LOL.

What’s your least favourite part of the writing process?
There is one thing that I really hate about writing: the deadlines. If you have a deadline, writing now becomes a boring and ho hum nuisance. Books may not seem as exciting or as glamorous as Hollywood movies, but if a writer doesn’t have fun writing his/her novel, then for sure the readers won’t have fun reading! It’s extremely important for the author to have fun writing!

How long does it typically take for you to write a novel?
This kinda piggybacks off of the previous question, and I’ll explain why. When I was doing “The Keeper: Rebirth”, I had a hard deadline that was looming over my head. I had to finish the book on or before 12-21-2013. This didn’t rush my work as I’m extremely lucky and I have a lot of time to write. But it did stress me out enough that it actually made me take longer to write than it would normally take. I like to write as the ideas come to me. Usually, if I’m not under pressure, I can finish a book in two months.

If you could be any character in any novel, who would it be and why?
Not to sound sappy or contrite, but I really love Michael as a character. Yes, he’s a lot like me to begin with… he’s full of self-doubt, responsibility, and even paranoia. But, he also has an infinite capacity for love, patience, understanding and tolerance. He’s just a really good person. He wants to make the world a better place, even if it costs him everything. I think that a noble soul like that should be admired and emulated.

Are there any other genres you’ve written?
Interestingly enough, yes. I’m about to release a trilogy of High Fantasy novels. I wrote them about 11 years ago. They were written by a version of me that is completely different than the man I am now, but I think that my style is still present. It’s the “Knights of Valor” trilogy, and they are going to be available very soon. I really want to see if these earlier dreams and manuscripts can make it out there, on their own. Should be fun. If anything, at least it will be a glimpse into my thought process from so long ago.

What inspired you to start writing novels for your chosen genre?
Originality drove me to write this story. I wanted something to be real to the lore, at least as close as possible. I also wanted to avoid the cliche and get as grounded in reality as possible. I also thought it would be kinda cool to make a race of super up and throw it into the mix.

If you could Time Travel - what year would you visit and why?
Wow, what a question. I would have loved to live in many periods from our past… I guess I would pick the American Revolution to start. Such an interesting time period. I’d also love to know for myself if the founding fathers are the genii they seem to be, lol.

How do you come up with the Titles for your novels?
In this book, Mary gets reborn. Thus, the title. It also represents a rebirth of the way the inhabitants look at their world; it all changes in this book.

Do you like to write while listening to music and if so, does your book have particular playlist you’d like to share?
I always, and I do mean, ALWAYS, have classic rock playing while I write. My go to playlist is almost all classic rock. I have so many great songs, songs that will rip your heart out, inspire you, make you remember your distant past… I can’t understand why people don’t like classic rock. It’s a story in each song…

Finally, what 7 words best sum up your novel?
Different, sexy, epic, world-changing, romantic, funny, intriguing. Yeah, I think that about sums it up. =)


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