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Friday, 21 February 2014

Feature Friday ~ Fire Nectar by F.M. Hopkins



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Feature Friday

Fire Nectar


F.M. Hopkins

Genre: horror, paranormal fantasy, and romantic suspense. 
Date Published: Nov. 10 2013

The Fire Nectar series spans centuries of love, addiction, and family, from the vampire's POV. 
It's for both men and women... but not for children. 


What would you do with eternity?

Daniella Harcourt had a secret. No one knew. Not her team. Not her friends. Not the good samaritan who stopped to help her on the shoulder of a dark road at night. She, like few among us, is a vampire.

She cannot walk in daylight. She cannot confide in those she cares about, without the fear of being hunted... destroyed.

What if who you were two hundred years ago still haunts your choices today? What if your loneliness made you blind to a choice that will change your life forever? And what if that life... your life... never ends. 




F.M. Hopkins began writing when she was a very little girl. During her years at Elementary school, her principal called her mother to tell her that she had scored the highest score in the school's history in the state aptitude test for creative writing. It wasn't until she was an adult that the need to tell the story of the Fire Nectar vampires called to her. She writes from the heart, the mind, and the vivid imagination of one who sees people's motivations and spins them for all the world to understand.

She lives in Los Angeles, CA, making her living from her books. Her first dollar made as a writer was when she wrote stories and illustrated them for her parents, binding them in yarn at age six. They paid her 50¢ a book. They made her earn it, for which she is eternally grateful.


Twitter and Instagram @F_M_Hopkins 



There wasn’t a line to the bathroom stalls.  This in itself felt like a godsend and miracle combined.  She entered one of the two stalls and closed the door quickly. Standing inside, she held onto the walls.  She felt like an animal.  Like she’d just been turned yesterday.  She wanted to bite his neck and suck the life force out of him so badly and was on the verge of doing exactly that no matter who saw it.  She silently repeated in her mind, “Calm...  Calm…Calm…” Her fangs were at their full length and refused to go down.
 “Is it because I want to taste him, make him my lover…or because I just want to kill him so this out of control, mind-spinning feeling will go away?” she asked herself with no hope of knowing an answer. Her mind reeled and she thought of how she could get away with dragging him off with her in front of everyone.  Ridiculous.  Control it.
She reminded herself to think of Stewart and Anjie. She’d been their friend for years now and had never been in danger of exposing her secret.  Plus she didn’t want to move to another city. Not yet. Control it. Control it! No, I don’t care, she argued. I can move. I can cover it up.  There’s always a way. Control it. A dark memory of Gene came to her. His running from her - terror in his eyes. She shook her head trying to clear out the lust. Control it. She didn’t want to see Anjelica look at her like Gene had. She didn’t want her friends to be afraid of her. Dammit. Control it!
A couple of girls came into the bathroom just then and she used this to her advantage by forcing herself to listen to their conversation, to bring her focus back to something tame.
 “I’m just going to get a small one. Like this,” explained the one.
 “Dude, your boobs are fine. MY boobs – they need a little help,” said the other. Still in the stall, Dani rolled her eyes.  Only in Los Angeles, she thought. She didn’t think they knew she was there.  Fangs, go down!
“No, ever since I’ve been working out, boobs – gone!  They’re nothing like they were I promise,” clucked the one, putting on her lipstick and talking through it.
 “I’m telling you, your boobs are perfect.  If you need a boob job then I need a boob job.  And I don’t think I need a boob job,” concluded the other, adjusting her hair with her fingers.
This conversation made her want to gut both of them, or at least give them a scare. Okay, this wasn’t good. She was not in a good space.
 “I’m only going to get a nice small ‘C,’” explained the one, not really looking for approval as she placed her lipstick back in her bag.
 “Oh! Well, then do it,” said the other.
Not able to stand the banality anymore, Dani stepped out. The two girls, early twenties, froze mid-sentence. From the look in both of their eyes, Dani knew she had murder on her face. Her fangs had retracted – what was the big deal? She forced a smile, but it looked as odd as she felt. The One shut her hanging mouth. The Other uneasily smiled back.
 “Excuse me,” Dani said with her mildest purr.  The girls just nodded, silent.
Trying to act normal, Dani crossed to the sink and washed her hands. She dried them and used the paper towel to open the door – as though for protection from germs she no longer needed protection from. She’d seen a woman do the same, once, and thought it was a great cover.  Turning with a small bow – odd – she gave them her kindest smile, and left. Through the door she heard them whisper, “She creeped me out.” “Totes.” “She was like gorgeous and everything but she had the crazy eyes.”  “Right?!”
Stunned, she walked through the bar and straight out the front door. Dani hadn’t scared anyone in a very long time. At least, not without intent. She didn’t say goodbye to her friends.  She didn’t look to the bar because she didn’t trust herself if she saw him. She didn’t want to chance him calling out and drawing attention to her. She had to leave and she had to leave immediately.  She could text her friends later and tell them she’d gotten sick which was in a way, the truth.  They’d understand
She left the bar, turned right and ran smack into Adrian. He was outside smoking a cigarette – the first time cigarettes have probably ever saved a life. The doorman was with him – also a blessing. She set her jaw stubbornly and nodded hello at them. He motioned for her to stop as the doorman finished, “They found him just north of Malibu. He was killed by a shark.”  Adrian raised his eyebrows in response but stepped away to talk to Dani.
 “You’re leaving?” he asked with mild disappointment on his face.
She nodded. “Yes, just got a work text. My assistant needs me to set up a shoot - the magazine’s bugging him so I have to go and schedule…” She stopped the rambling and looked down. Dammit, Dani, go home.
 “Magazine. You’re a photographer?” he offered in an attempt to hold her there.
 “I am,” she said. The doorman had gone back to checking the ID’s of a couple of guys in their early twenties. Come back, it’s not safe for him without you here, she thought. Then Adrian stepped closer. She could feel his breath. She wanted to tell him he was in danger. But how?
 “Are you any good?” he asked.
 “Very,” she said.
 “Oh really?” He smiled, his eyes mischievous again.  She smiled back but stayed where she was.
 “Yes, really.” She couldn’t stand it. He smelled so good.  He smelled so good.
“You’re staring at me.” He dropped his cigarette on the ground and put it out with the firm rub of his heel, running his fingers though his long hair to sweep it back. The musk of him intoxicated her.
 “I was just looking,” she objected. He let out one of his laughter bursts at that, and she couldn’t resist a smile.
“You don’t ‘just look’ at anything, Miss Daniella. You stare. Like you’re drinking it in.  And hey, there you go – you made me laugh again.” He stepped past her and said over his shoulder with infuriating detachment, “Have a good night, darlin.”


I do hope you enjoy this fabulous vampire novel, I've already added it to my TBR @ Goodreads

and if you get chance, join me again tomorrow for 

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