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Friday, 25 July 2014

Feature Friday ~ Chosen One by Steven Sutherland



Welcome to

Feature Friday

Chosen One 


Steven Sutherland


Book Genre: YA 602 Pages
Published Date: November 10, 2013

Book Blurb: 

Chosen One-Steven Sutherland "Soul Searching & Informative", "Compassionate & Transparent", Adventure & Mystery", Amazing Life Changing Decisions" Light Thriving In Each Moment, Darkness You Have Been Warned, You will follow Sir Brent, Kelcey & Sir Stephen as they work out darkness influence on their life and lights fullness and completeness in the moments! The decisions they make in crucial moments find them disheartened & Fallen. Still they can be full of purpose and shine so bright in the absolute darkest moments. They battle with wants, desires verses life's big picture.


Author Bio: 

Steven Sutherland Palatine, Illinois {Chicago Metro Area} Author of Still He Walks, Courage To Win, Canton, Graceful, Elmhurst Calls, No Time Like Now, Chosen One.

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Author Interview

Hi Steven and welcome to my blog

Firstly can you tell us about yourself?
I see my life as significant and each moment is just ahead of me. I would love to thrive in each moment and yet life’s twist and turns can leave us breathless and at times silent. I believe smiles and tears are a natural part of it all. I heard a very important lesson this year, I have a natural bent to darkness. That is why it feels comfortable and familiar. Yet I don’t have to choose to live there or let it guide me through my life. I can choose to be a Chosen One and so can everyone else. Light enables us to see things clearly. It is important to know The One who created darkness and life and offers us a future full of thriving. Moments are crucial to me and I cherish each one.

How long have you been writing?
My first love for writing was inspired by my literature teacher Mr. Joseph Harrison at York Community High School in Elmhurst, Illinois. We read Old Man and the Sea, Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, Scarlet Letter. We learned creative writing and I loved the idea I could express and inspire people through those quiet and thoughtful times.

What inspired you to start writing novels for your chosen genre?
My family often frequented Barnes & Noble book store and would grab a few books and spread out and preview books before we chose them to buy. I remember going as my kid became teenagers and I happen to capture one of those moments as my two teens approached the YA Teen shelves and looked through the books and seemed dismayed as they walked away. I was puzzled and in awe of their sadness. I thought why it that there is not the same offering adults is are afforded and teens aren’t. How many teens walk away, that they could recapture and satisfy. I always was told not to complain but choose to be a part of the solution. So, Chosen One found its birth.

Are there any other genres you’ve written?
Still He Walks-Fiction My grandfather was an early American glider pilot. Courage To Win-Children’s Fiction My son Andrew’s new found love for baseball and the team mates he played with.

Have you published any other novels, if so can you share the details?
Still He Walk’s-Publish America, Courage To Win-Strategic Book’s, Canton-Graceful-Elmhurst Calls-No Time Like Now-Lulu.com

Are you working on anything new right now and can you tell us more?
Yes, Chosen One’s Sequel: The Descendants Illuminating Light. Chosen One takes place in Scotland’s birth. The Descendants Illuminating Light rolls forward to the year 2030 in Chicago, Illinois. The new novel toys with the idea can you really pass your faith on to future generations. Will those generations embrace it or live life void of all of that.

What motivates and inspires you to write?
The need to inspire and express what I love and cherish the most.
Can you offer any advice to the fledgling authors, just starting out?
Do it! You will find yourself in the process.

What is/are your all-time favourite novel/s?
Old Man and The Sea- Ernest Hemingway

Who is/are your all-time favourite author/s?
Hemmingway, John C. Maxwell & James MacDonald.

Can you tell us who your favourite indie author/s is/are?
I have plans to read more in the near future.

What are you reading at the moment & would you recommend it to us?
Ha, C S Lewis Chronicles of Narnia. Reading the in a row.

If you could Time Travel - what year would you visit and why?
Easy, Scotland’s beginning’s.

If you could be any character in any novel, who would it be and why?
Manolin-The little boy apprentice of Santiago in the fishing boat in Old Man and the Sea.

How do you come up with the Titles for your novels?
What is the main point I’m trying to express to the one’s reading.

Do you decide on your book title first, or do you write the book and then the title is decided later?
I decided on the book title first. Best place for me to start.

When working on your current novel, were there any moments when you thought:- OMG what am I doing with this plot line? Or: Who are these people I created? etc…
Yes, because my main characters mirror some close friends of mine and yet they had unique and special gifts that were their own.

Do you have a day job, other than writing – if so can you share?
Retail {Big Box Store}, B2B {My own business} and Writing.

What is your preferred method of writing:- The plot pre-planned from day one, or just go with the flow and see what happens next?
I go with the flow and see what happens next. Always open to keeping it real.

Are there any little tips or tricks you use to get to know your characters better?
Give honest snap shots people can relate to. No matter what the personality type, for they all have something to offer. Just like you and me.

If you don’t like a character you’re writing about, what do you do?
Admit they exist and you have no control of their lives or their actions. You are only responsible for you and your actions.
a. Kill them off instantly
b. Get over it and learn to like them
c. Give them a whole new personality
d. or something else – do tell?! Please!
D-It will resolve itself quietly or abruptly.

Do you like to write while listening to music and if so, does your book have particular playlist you’d like to share?
Sometimes… Switchfoot, had a big influence and acceleration for Chosen One.

If you were stranded on a faraway island:- which of your characters would you like to be marooned with and why?
Easy, Kelcey-she is a good time just waiting to happen!

Which type of book do you prefer to read?
a. ebook
b. paperback
c. hardback
d. Non – I listen to audiobooks!
I love all. I am embracing the new technology and affordability e-books provide.

Do you have any weird writing rituals? (Such as, you can only start writing after you’ve scoffed all the choc-chip cookies and drank 3 cups of full-caff coffee? Or only after you’ve listened to a certain song or playlist? etc… do share)
Venti White Choclate Moca at Starbucks for sure-helps.

Do you have any input in the Cover design of your novel?
Yes, I wanted a path with darkness and light.

What is the very best thing about writing for you?
I can express how a single moment can change a life forever.

How many novels/books do you typically read in a month?
One a month.

What is your favourite genre to read at the moment?
Literature, New Fiction Writer’s & Biographies of people I admire.

Who’s your greatest inspiration/s to date?
Andrew my son. His courage is great, everyday!

Which of the following suits you best?
a. Thrill Seeker
b. Mildly Meek
c. Totally Chilled
d. All of the above
C. Totally chilled {The Dreamer}

Apart from writing, do you have any other hobbies that you’d like to share with us?
Writing song’s with my Taylor acoustic guitar.

Are you a morning person or a night owl or an inbetweener?
Night owl.

What’s your least favourite part of the writing process?
When the book ends. I feel like I’m losing a friend.

How long does it typically take for you to write a novel?
1 Year.

How many hours a day do you dedicate to your writing?
1-2 Hours 10-30 pages.

What is the one book you can’t live without?
The Bible.

Are you a:
a. Laptop Writer
b. Desktop Writer
c. iPad Writer
d. Pen and Paper Writer
a. Laptop writer.

If you didn’t write or you went through a dry spell (aka a bit of writers block), what would you do to fill the creative void instead?
Pick up my Taylor guitar-such an amazing sound.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Scotland-Sutherland heritage.

Who would be your dream cast if your novel was made into a movie?
Sir Stephen-Johnny Depp Sir Brent Chris Hensworth Kelcey-Amy Adams

If you had a choice – a dream come true - which would be your preference: Your books serialised - a weekly show or made into movies?
Movie-Bigger than life-right?

Tell us one thing that no-one else knows about you – your darkest secret if you dare!
I kind of it exposed it in Chosen One. We have a bent to darkness we deal with each moment.

Can you tell us why you think we’d love to read your novel?
Each character deals with light and darkness in their significant moments and thrive and die just like you and I. They can choose to be a Chosen One or not.

Finally, what 7 words best sum up your novel?
Darkness Light Die Thrive Moments The One



Chronicle I Test/Faith

Compares vs. Identity

Through a deep solemn sleep, I, Sir Stephen was roused as the daunting wind whistled through the halyard. A torrential down pour from the heavens and a divergent splash of waves soaked me to my bare rudiments.

The tangled rope twisted and choked a small section of the sail towards the peak of the mast, which when caught by a sudden gust of wind forced the sail to disturb the intended course in which it was intended. The vessel was prey to the wind and the impetuous wave’s destiny and laid claim to all, that those would perish who didn’t belong. 


Many thanks to Steven for joining us today with his fab novel Chosen One,  and be sure to add it to your TBR at Goodreads asap

Well that's me done for the blogging week, I hope you've enjoyed the posts over the last few days...

and I'll be back on Tuesday next week, hope to see you then!

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