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Monday, 28 July 2014

The Carrot was Dangled... I couldn't resist, the temptation was too much!

Monday greetings my awesome readers

I hope you're ready for another fab week on the blog,  everyday is booked with something delish and exciting just for you, including a new batch of give-aways, and a super special announcement by the awesome world-wide bestselling YA author, Shannon Delany will be taking place on Friday, so you really don't want to miss that!

In other news, while I was perusing Instagram at some ungodly hour yesterday morning (while normal peeps are still sleeping), I came across a picture from the totally fabulous author ER Pierce who was showing her followers her newest acquisition.... an AlphaSmart NEO Portable Word Processor Writing/Typing Tool.

Well I have to tell you, I saw this little writing gimzo and my eyes bugged, I thought to myself, how did I not know about this piece of awesomeness... 700 hours on 3 batteries, portable, no distractions, just a pure and simple writing machine.  This is what I've been after - like forever - so I quickly hopped online, credit card almost buzzing with excitement and tried to buy one.

This is where it all goes a little pearshaped. You see I'm the type of girl that operates like this:  See + Like + Buy = instantly it's mine = Joyousness

After typing in Google: Neo wonderpurr typy thingy... I'm directed to a page where there's a whole selection of them... it was Ambrosius and I was spoilt for choice, not believing my luck and then I clicked on one.   I went to add it to my basket to get that sucker here asap... and that's when I saw it... 'OUT OF STOCK' I went back and checked each model, it was the same, no stock. So I went to the main Neo website and guess what, they've been discontinued in the UK -  at this point it's me that's fizzing, not my credit card.

So I took a moment to regroup...


After removing the pillow from my face  (well if I'd screamed openly like that, hubby might of thought there was something seriously wrong)  I took a deep breath, this Neo super mega typy thingy was not going to escape my clutches, not at any price (well within reason, a girl does need to eat and feed her cat, and not forgetting hubby too) So I went back to google and typed: Buy Neo wonderpurr typy thingy UK and I was promptly directed to ebay.

Now Ebay UK did have a selection of used items, there was only one new one but that didn't have any accessories at all... I pondered on this, not really being a fan of buying a used machine as really you can never be sure how much hammer it's had.  But it was too late, ER Pierce had dangled that big juicy dreamy carrot on Instagram and I couldn't take it anymore.

There was one auction which was the best value, with two used complete with all accessories, apparently:

'Both units tested and work excellent. Come complete with 2 units, 2 user guides, 2 CDs, 2 USB cables, and 1 soft case'

Two delivered for less than half the price of one here, if you could have even bought one here.  So before I'd realised what I'd done, I'd hit 'Buy It Now' and now I'm anxiously waiting to see, whether acting in haste really is repenting at leisure or jeez I got a phenomenal deal!

Only time will tell, and that's somewhere between the 5th - 14th of August to be precise as that's the delivery estimate, but I also had this theory, there's 2 of them, so if one is a lemon and one is ok, I'm still smiling.... :D  or maybe they're both lemons, then I'm not smiling and have new paperweights  :(  or maybe they're both fabulous Neo wonderpurr typy thingy's and I'm completely joyous! :D

I'll be back with news after they've arrived.

Happy days....


  1. Anxious to find out more. Love new writing technology... or old writing technology... or just writing technology! :D

  2. Going to look up wonderous typy thing. Hmmm.


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