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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Guest Post Thursday with Eye Of The Tiger Editing ~ An End To Your Editing Woes



Hello and welcome fabulous readers on this gloriously sunny day

Today I'm delighted to be sharing the blog with Kristina from Eye of The Tiger Editing, so without further adieu let's let Kristina take the spotlight!

This may be a solution or an end to your editing woes...


Writing is a magical process. Every written item from the standard article to a full length novel involves the author sitting down and compiling a list of words into a coherent and cohesive mix in order to portray the right thoughts, meanings, and purposes.

Once that magic is done, it is up to an editor to make the piece shine like the Hope Diamond after a fresh polish. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kristina Gehring, your friendly neighborhood editor and owner of Eye Of The Tiger Editing. I have been editing the written word for many years, well back into my early teens. I learned early on that editing is a process, and it takes work. 

I started reading at the age of three, and by the ripe age of ten I knew I wanted to be in the literary world somehow, someway. My mom pointed out my uncanny knack of finding the ONE typo in an entire textbook, or the ONE place in a whole novel that incorrect capitalization was used. I also love it when I find inconsistencies. Yes...I love it. However, now I love it because I can help the author fix it before anyone else can see it or even know that it was there.

I am an editor. There are those that say they are Line Editors, Copy Editors, or even Proofreaders. I am just an Editor, albeit the term "just" is slightly misleading. When I edit a piece, I edit for the reader, or the intended audience. I do care about the author in that the piece I am working on is their magic put into words, but my focus is the one the magic is created for. I work with each author one-on-one through the entire editing process. 

When you contact us at Eye Of The Tiger Editing, we have questions that we will ask you in order to establish the length of your piece, and any specific needs you may have in regards to the piece you are wanting to have edited. After a quote, and all the "fun" business happenings, I get down to the nuts and bolts of the matter and start working on your piece.

Now, on average, when you contact an editor, you're not going to get total coverage the first time through your piece. The "why" of that I can't answer. I can however tell you what you will get when Eye Of The Tiger Editing handles your piece of magic. We review your piece, from start to finish, looking for the standard edits: spelling, punctuation, correct word usage, spacing of both paragraph and sentence, and minor grammar issues. These items will be fixed accordingly in your manuscript while using the "track changes" feature so that you are able to go back and see every change that was made and then approve them as you choose.

The editing doesn't stop there. We take things a step further and we will make notes for you in comments on the side of your document in regards to: organization, sentence structure, flow, clarity, plot flow/issues, characterization, tone, consistency, and fact-checking when needed. We will give you information as to why we think these things needs changed, and if we have them, any recommendations. After we return your manuscript back to you, and you revise the copy from the editing notes, we will again review it at no additional charge as long as the piece is within the same parameters as were originally agreed upon.

We are here to make your piece perfect for your audience. We want to make the reading adventure a pleasurable experience for the reader. We want them to continue to come back to you and other authors for more magic.

Now, after all of that, I'm sure you're thinking that I must need a hobby. "You love editing? Are you crazy?" Nope, not crazy, but I do love what I do. I view each written piece of magic much like a orchestra conductor views a musical composition. From the first word to the final period there has to be a flow, a rhythm, harmony, and melody. I as your editor will help you as the composer create a masterpiece for the ages.

Contact Eye Of The Tiger Editing today with your questions, and we will get you set up in the right direction for you and your manuscript!



Thank you Kristina for joining us today and sharing your passion for spot on spelling, grammatical glitch correction and perfect punctuation.

All vital pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of novel writing, well any writing for that matter. 

So if you're looking for an editor for your work, contact Kristina.


I'll be back again in the morning with a fab blog tour, so stop by if you get a minute.

Until then, Keep Calm and be grammatically correct! LOL

[All photo's supplied by Eye of The Tiger Editing]

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