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Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Saturday Showcase featuring Jennifer Dean and her latest novel ~ Blinded



Welcome to another installment of

The Saturday Showcase 


Jennifer Dean 

and her latest novel


Publish date: February 14, 2015   Publisher: Createspace

Book Blurb: 

Despite the constant nightmares that remind her of the attack that almost took her life, Emma Morgan has come to accept the risk that comes from being a human in love with the immortal, Liam Alexander. Unfortunately it’s Sean who still continues to struggle with his sister’s presence in the world of his new immortal life. A struggle that may cause his overprotection to go too far as they near his one year anniversary and nineteenth birthday.


Author Bio: 

Jennifer lives in Dallas, Texas. When not immersed with her own writing, she loves to escape reality with a book or one of her favorite television shows. The sudden inspiration for a new story or scene to write for her is the best feeling about being a writer. She hopes that her books will someday be able to inspire her readers the way she was inspired by the authors before her.  


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Book excerpt:

The faster I ran, the less I could breathe. My lungs were pleading beneath my chest for the chance to relax the uneven pumps from my heart but despite the rising burn that bargained for more oxygen, I couldn’t stop.
Keep going, I thought.
I knew it was naïve and yet I felt as if that space behind the trees was my base. My sanctuary. As long as I could reach it I would be fine. At least that’s what I tried to tell myself until my rational side began to catch up to me, unlike my breath. The one that reminded me that I was being hunted. A mere mouse in a maze that had no exit. And this predator would no doubt find this hunt as challenging as a human stepping on the sidewalk to kill an ant. He probably even felt a sadistic thrill from watching me run. Even though my sprint was nothing more than a dawdled walk on the beach compared to his immortal speed.
Regardless, I couldn’t give in. Not when I was close to my goal. So close to the possibility of safety on the other side. Because what screamed louder than the doubt was the unrealistic belief that maybe, just maybe, I had outmaneuvered him just enough to give myself an advantage. Enough of a head start to reach the opening beyond the trees. The hope was enough to keep my feet moving.
Despite the burning ache in my calves, and the cramp in my side, I smiled as I closed the distance. I was 100 feet away. 75. 50. 30. Keep going! 20. 15. Almost there! 10. I could see the water straight ahead now beyond the enclosed trees that surrounded me. I twisted my neck around to the right and left, searching for any sign of the immortal, but I only found an empty space behind me. I had turned back forward, feeling only a second’s relief before I collided into a solid wall with enough momentum that I was knocked back toward the ground.
I winced in pain, reaching my hand to my nose, where I could already feel the bruises that were likely to result in two black eyes. My nose leaked small red blood droplets onto my palm as the soreness of my right arm traveled all the way up to my collarbone.
I looked up reluctantly, feeling the drop of defeat in my stomach. Henry stood tall, smirking down at me with amusement of my evaporated hope. It had all been a game to him. A game I now realized—harshly— that I had never had a chance of winning. The sun beamed down on his short raven-colored locks as the glow of his baby blue eyes brightened. I gulped, but was thankful for the moment that finally gave me enough time to slow my breathing. Swiftly, Henry squatted to my eye level, extending his overturned hand to reach his index and middle fingers past my own until they rested inches underneath my nose, like a bucket ready to catch the water from a leaking faucet. I remained still while my eyes looked as far down as they could, watching as he let a few drops of blood linger on his fingertips before pulling them back to his eager lips.  His tongue wickedly circled his mouth with delight at the taste.
Finally, my eyes lifted to meet his waiting gaze. I had time only to see his perfect white teeth revealed before his hand extended forward to grasp my neck.


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