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Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Saturday Showcase featuring Jane Stain with Kilts: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 1)

Welcome to another Edition of



Jane Stain 


Kilts: A Time Travel Romance Serial 
(Renaissance Fair 1) 


Book Blurb:

When handsome highlander Dall takes Emily up on stage at the renaissance fair for some Scottish dancing, the butterflies in her stomach are not from stage fright. She's a drama major who's seen Riverdance a dozen times.

But Dall never drops his 16th century accent, and no one ever teases him about that. There aren't any jeans or sneakers in his tent, either.

Season One Bundle $2.99: Renaissance Faire: Kilts, Highlander, Scotland, Highlands, Castle, and Return (April 17)

Season Two Bundle $2.99: Renaissance Festival: Clans, Gaelic, MacGregors, Warriors, Loch, and Scots (July 10)

Highlander: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 2) Feb 20
Scotland: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 3) March 6
Highlands: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 4) March 20
Castle: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 5) April 3
Return: A Time Travel Romance Serial (Renaissance Fair 6) April 17
Clans: A Time Travel Fantasy Serial (Renaissance Fair 7) May 1
Gaelic: A Time Travel Fantasy Serial (Renaissance Fair 8) May 15
MacGregors: A Time Travel Fantasy Serial (Renaissance Fair 9) May 29
Warriors: A Time Travel Fantasy Serial (Renaissance Fair 10) June 12
Loch: A Time Travel Fantasy Serial (Renaissance Fair 11) June 26
Scots: A Time Travel Fantasy Serial (Renaissance Fair 12) July 10


Author Bio:

Jane Stain writes sweet and clean romance.

She promises that her books have no sex and no foul language. They do have innuendo, flirting, cuddling, and lots of kissing. Some readers think this is juvenile, but it is actually born of maturity. Jane is in her fifties. She writes for women who have an appreciation for true romance and love, not just lust. Though there is that, too.



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Emily loved the Renaissance Fair. Where else could she see a Shakespearean play performed authentically, with men playing the female parts? Minstrels strolling about with mandolins, asking a kiss for a song?
Where else could she possibly see men in kilts?
She ran from booth to booth, getting a juggling lesson here, trying to walk a tightrope there—
“Emily! Look at these dresses!”
Her friend Evangeline was majoring in elementary education, while Emily was preparing to lead a high school drama department.
“They’re beautiful, Vange.”
A fair person wearing one of these outfits came up to them. “They be not dresses, milady, but bodices and chemises with two skirts to wear with them, one over the other and tucked up out of the dirt. This be the clothing of our peasant women, milady.”
“Could we try a few on?” Emily asked, looking around uncertainly for a fitting room inside the cloth booth.
“Certies! Do come stand over here in the corner. I shall hold up this blanket, and the two of you can change behind it.”
The fair person said this rather loudly, and a small crowd gathered outside the booth. In particular, Emily noticed this one muscular guy with a dog tattooed on his arm.
Still, the outfits were lovely, and Emily loved the idea of wearing one the rest of the day so that she fit in at the fair. It reminded her of her own drama days, back in high school. She and Vange turned their backs to the blanket and put the outfits on. They heard several cat calls from their audience, but they could see in a small mirror in the corner that the blanket stayed put the whole time.
The two of them admired each other in the outfits, which didn’t show any leg at all, but a whole lot more cleavage than either of them was used to. The fair person had laced their bodices tightly.
“OK! We’ll take these,” Vange told the fair person, who looked at Emily for confirmation.
“Yes, we will definitely take these,” Emily said, staring at her new cleavage in the mirror.
They paid, stowed their T-shirts under their voluminous skirts in the waistbands of their shorts, and the blanket went down. With smug smiles on their faces at how authentic they now looked compared to the rest of the fairgoers, the two of them turned around to face their audience.
Only, instead of sunburned tourists in shorts, Emily and Evangeline faced a whole clump of whooping Scots highlanders in kilts!


Many thanks to Jane for joining us today,and I'll be back very soon with more awesome authors just for you!

Have a totally fabulous weekend

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