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Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Saturday Showcase featuring Philip C. Elrod with The Krakow Klub




Welcome to another edition of

The Saturday Showcase

  Philip C. Elrod 


The Krakow Klub


The story of one man's attempt to live a normal life, even though he is not normal.

The United States government is under siege. A secretive cabal of super rich elitists, The Krakow Klub, has initiated the final phase of its long-range plan to take over the USA from within. They have achieved control of the Presidency and the military. Their puppet in the White House has declared martial law. The Congress, The Supreme Court and many other political leaders not under their control are slated for elimination.

Only one man has the power to stop The Krakow Klub. His name is John F. Scott and he appears to be an ordinary human being. But he is part alien. His power is based on alien technology. Can he be trusted to stop the takeover and return power to a lawful government afterwards? Can he control his power once he unleashes it? Can he control himself during the process? Will he take the risk? If so, at what price?

So many troubling questions, with few clear-cut answers.

 Praise for The Krakow Klub:

“In this novel of power and its addiction, only the steadfast can walk this devious and treacherous path. The one who gives in to the power will be lost forever in its long maze. The Krakow Klub by Philip C. Elrod was very mesmerizing. It is actually quite scary because I can see something like that happening in the future. No one is safe from the lure of power and the Krakow Club brings this unsavory thought to the forefront. The rich always have influence and that influence brings power. If misused, it can be terrifying. And this is exactly what this novel is ... terrifyingly good!” - Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

“A thoroughly thrilling read, The Krakow Klub depicts a world that may not be all that far away.” - Reviewed by Red City Review

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 Author Bio:

Philip C. Elrod was raised in Crossville, a small town on top of Sand Mountain in Northeast Alabama. He served two years in the US Army, stationed in Germany and returned to attend college at the University of Florida and Florida Southern College Majoring in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

Mylea is his first novel. However, over the years of his professional career he has written many articles and manuals on data collection, computer technology and technical trading of securities. His most recent articles have been published by FXTraderMagazine.com and other international magazines. In additional Mr. Elrod is the author of an eBook, See the Music of the Market, in which he describes a short term trading method for the futures, FOREX and stock markets. The eBook is available from Trading Between the Lines. Due to the many charts used in the eBook it is currently available only in PDF format.

Mr. Elrod resides, along with his wife of many years, Linda, and two wonderful little canine friends: Kokko, a five and half pound male Japanese Chin, and Tinker, a seven and half pound male miniature Shih Tzu. Tinker served as the inspiration for the fictional character, Mitch the Bitch. His interests include astronomy, photography, outdoor cooking and travel, especially RV travel with his wife and pets.

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Author Interview:

Firstly can you tell us about yourself? 
I enjoy writing science fiction. My latest novel The Krakow Klub was published in June 2015.
How long have you been writing?
I have entertained myself for many years with writing for myself, even a little poetry now and then. I was a technical writer for about twenty years before I succumbed to the lure of fiction.

What inspired you to start writing novels in the scifi genre?
I’ve always been fascinated by the possibility of other civilizations on far flung planets and I’ve always enjoyed works of science fiction. Then, one dark and stormy night I had an idea for a novel about the overthrow of the government. It was so rock solid that I needed an alien to stop it.

Have you published any other novels, if so can you share the details?
Mylea: the journey begins, was written as a prequel to The Krakow Klub. It tells the story of a technologically advanced civilization and their desperate fight to survive a cosmic cataclysm. Ultimately, their epic journey brings them to Earth seeking the assistance of a unique earthling.

Are you working on anything new right now and can you tell us more?
I have several projects in the works. One is just about ready, and it deals with the rebirth of the Mylean Race in a new location in our Milky Way. It is to be titled, Mylea: the rebirth.

Also working on a very different novel that occurs where and when I grew up, in the hills of Appalachia during the years of World War Two.

I am also currently working on a very different kind of novel that takes place in the hills of Appalachia where I grew up. The story is of the adventures of a young boy, beginning in the World War II era and progressing to the present.

Also planning the sequel to the Mylea: the rebirth;, a novel of a planet inhabited by nothing but robots. Currently untitled.

Also thinking of a novel about the Dragon Lady – a character in the Krakow Klub which truly struck my fancy and begs to have her own story told more fully.

What motivates and inspires you to write?
I love to tell a good story. And in the process of attempting to do that, perhaps, just maybe, I will become a proficient writer – and my college English professor will finally rest in peace.

Can you offer any advice to the fledgling authors, just starting out?
Like my favourite quote – if you do not try, you will never know for sure whether or not you really can – and don’t quit after one try.

What is/are your all-time favourite novel/s?
The Uncrowned King, Hawaii, Exodus, The Andromeda Strain

Who is/are your all-time favourite author/s?
The authors of the above four books plus Stephen Hawking

What are you reading at the moment & would you recommend it to us?
11/22/63 I think most science fiction lovers would like it.
Do you have a favourite quote, if so what is it?
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. - Thomas A. Edison
How do you come up with the Titles for your novels?
I try to come up with a title that is intriguing, as well as hinting at the subject of the novel.

Do you decide on your book title first, or do you write the book and then the title is decided later?
I always have the title in mind before the book is written.

When working on The Krakow Klub, were there any moments when you thought:- OMG what am I doing with this plot line? Or:  Who are these people I created? etc…
Not really, my biggest challenge was to try to keep the timeline under control as things began to happen quickly.

What is your preferred method of writing:-  The plot pre-planned from day one, or just go with the flow and see what happens next?
I use a combination of the two. I start with a pre-planned plot and make modifications as the story develops.

Are there any little tips or tricks you use to get to know your characters better?
I always try to temporarily “be” my principal characters – to immerse myself in their character and position at the moment.

If you don’t like a character you’re writing about, what do you do?
            a. Kill them off instantly
             b. Get over it and learn to like them
             c. Give them a whole new personality
            d. or something else – do tell?! Please!

I think a good novel must have at least one protagonist and one antagonist – often more. While it is possible to make a villain likable, at least in some ways, it is easier to simply make them villainous, and therefore usually unlikable. To me a good villain is one that you love to hate.

Now to answer the question, I think that I would simply write a character out of the plot if I did not like the character – but I do not have to like a character to make them a good character for their part in the plot.

Do you like to write while listening to music and if so, does your book have particular playlist you’d like to share?
When I write I usually get so buried in my work that I don’t hear anything going on around me. Although I love classical music and often have it playing.

If you were stranded on a faraway island:-  which of your characters would you like to be marooned with and why?
Obviously, John Scott, he could get us rescued instantly. But If I were REALLY stranded on a faraway island, I would want it to be with Jim Slater. He is calm cool and collected. However, if I craved excitement, I’d opt for the Dragon Lady.

Which type of book do you prefer to read?
            a. ebook
            b. paperback
            c. hardback
            d. Non – I listen to audiobooks!

I love the feel of a real book – preferable hardback, but my wife has a Kindle and loves it – I am slowly but surely coming around to the eBook world – which I think is the future of publishing.

Do you have any weird writing rituals? (Such as, you can only start writing after you’ve scoffed all the choc-chip cookies and drank 3 cups of full-caff coffee?  Or only after you’ve listened to a certain song or playlist? etc… do share)
I just love to write and never have any trouble getting with it. Of course, perhaps due to biorhythms, I am sometimes more creative than usual. 

What is the very best thing about writing for you?
I just get lost in my world and if I don’t like it, I can change it.

How many novels/books do you typically read in a month?
I read an awful lot of technical and financial articles and books and I try to get a novel or two in the mix for balance.

What is your favourite genre to read at the moment?
I like mysteries, political intrigue, and of course science fiction

Who’s your greatest inspiration/s to date?
To be half as wonderful a person as my little canine buddies think I am.

Which of the following suits you best?
Thrill Seeker
Mildly Meek
Totally Chilled
All of the above

My wife should answer this one, but I am a rather complex person and my mood varies over a very wide range – but meek seldom would apply.

Apart from writing, do you have any other hobbies that you’d like to share with us?
I love to travel, particularly in my RV with my wife and our two little canine friends.

Are you a morning person or a night owl or an in betweener?
A little bit of an in betweener, but tend more to the night owl end of the spectrum.

What’s your least favourite part of the writing process?
Final editing. If I ever get to the point that I can write it and forget it I will be in heaven.

How long does it typically take for you to write a novel?
Writing, I think that I could do it in month – but thinking about before hand and editing after writing it makes it about a six month project for me.

How many hours a day do you dedicate to your writing?
Varies, I never force myself to write – creativity cannot be forced. And the other hand, I love to write and never have trouble getting myself to work.

Are you a:
Laptop Writer
Desktop Writer
iPad Writer
Pen and Paper Writer
I need a desktop to work best. I use my laptop when I am travelling – but I prefer the desktop keyboards.

If you didn’t write or you went through a dry spell (aka a bit of writers block), what would you do to fill the creative void instead?
Have never had the problem – and I hope that I never have to find out.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I would love to New Zealand – from what I have seen in films it is magnificient.

Who would be your dream cast if your novel was made into a movie?
Since it is a dream cast, I can use deceased stars; Charlton Heston as John Scott and Rock Hudson as Jim Slater.

If you had a choice  – a dream come true - which would be your preference: Your books serialised  -  a weekly show or made into movies?
Made into movies.

Tell us one thing that no-one else knows about you – your darkest secret if you dare!
As they say in the world of spying, if I told you, I would have to kill you.

Can you tell us why you think we’d love to read The Krakow Klub?
It could be happening right now – and there is no John Scott to save us.

Finally, what 7 words best sum up your novel?
It could really happen – and that’s scary!


 Many thanks to Philip for joining us today with his latest novel.

See you soon

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