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Welcome to my blog, where I share my love of books and anything bookish, including my own novels every now and then, but mostly I share **Book Blog Tours** **Author Features** **Guest Posts** **Book Blitz's** **Give-Aways** and **Competitions**

Thanks for visiting ~ Bella x

FYI - Read Me

-♥-♥-♥- For Your Information -♥-♥-♥-


General blog information. 

For instance if I say at the end of a post when I'm next posting and then I don't, the reason for that is here.   

About Give-Aways, how to contact me and whatever else pops up, that I think you may need to know.

If you would like to Beta-Test any of my upcoming novels, send me an email [see link below] 

If you're an author would like a promo or author feature, send me an email [see link below] 



If there isn't a post on a day designated for one - this means that, sadly the author who was going to feature that day didn't send me the materials for whatever reason.   

This is rather annoying as much for me as my awesome readers and there are many more authors that would have loved that day!  


Contacting Me

If you want to contact me, you can do so via this link: 



Unless otherwise stated, none of the Give-Aways on my blog are run by me, so please don't ask me where your prizes are - Because I don't know!! LOL

You can check out all the Give-Aways here at a glance, what's still on and what's finished.


And when I think of more stuff to put here, you'll be first to know.


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