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The Seraphoenix Novels

This page is all about my YA PNR Series

The Seraphoenix Saga

Book One ~ Scarlett Phoenix

Book Two ~ Crimson Fire

Book Three ~  Red Ashes


Cover Artist: Jessica Allain Art

Book Blurb:

It was meant to be fixed… her destiny back on track, how wrong could she be…
Just when Scarlett thought everything was back to normal, well as normal as life can be with a posse of Seraphoenix Angel Guardians looking out for you.  She wakes to find her life plunged into a whole new nightmare, where time itself has changed and she appears to be the only one aware of it.

In this new reality everything has altered, Leo and the Seraphoenix are missing.  Even her parents are different, as they turn against her when she is unexpectedly framed for things she didn't do.  To make matters worse she is unceremoniously shipped off to a supposed reform school for out of control teens in the wilds of ‘god-knows-where’ escorted by someone she recognises and really wished she didn’t.

Nothing is what it seems at the new school and the pupils are less than hospitable.  Scarlett finds herself in one deadly situation after another at the mercy of all those around her, and there is no-one she can trust with her secret.

Can Scarlett escape the menacing clutches of evil in this new reality?

Will Leo come to her rescue?


Genre: YA Paranormal Romance ~ YA Fantasy

Hashtags: #YAPNR #YALit #TeenReads #Angels

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Product Description

So you thought you knew all about Angels ~ here's some you've never met before 

The Seraphoenix 

A whole new breed, who are as sexy as hell and decidedly dangerous! 


Scarlett Phoenix is the jumping off point for this exciting Angelic YA PNR series. 

"She is the only one of her kind, he is her last hope" 

Meet Scarlett Paige, a teenager uprooted from England when her parents suddenly decide to move back to America. Finding herself thrust into a new school, a new town and a whole new way of life, things can't seem to get any worse until her 18th birthday arrives. When the world as she knows it, is changed forever by a set of life threatening complications as two Angel brothers are hunting her down. 

One to save her and one to kill her.   Who is who? And which one can she trust? 

Caught in the middle of a terrible plan to rid the world of humanity forever, Scarlett finds herself amid a battle that’s been waged since the beginning of time, with beings she never knew existed and hideous creatures she really wished that didn't.

Thrown into total chaos and plunged into an entirely different future, one that is utterly unexpected and filled with dire consequences... will Scarlett survive? 

                  Product details

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 465 KB
  • Print Length: 201 pages
  • Publisher: Goddess Press;  Edition Kindle (4th June 2013)  



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5* Review Courtesy of Amazon UK

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Supernatural Adventure! 24 Oct 2012
Format:Kindle Edition

I just finished reading "Scarlet Phoenix" and I have to say, it was  a good read!
It seems to me that the book is written for the "Twilight Saga" crowd, people interested in supernatural tales where the heroes and heroines have more than human abilities because, of course, they have supernatural natures - whether they like it or not.

**** Warning Spoilers *****

While "Twilight Saga" is about vampires (which is getting pretty cliché these days) and some of their terrible angst over their condition, "Scarlett Phoenix" is about angelic beings who have no angst at all.

These angel-people know who and what they are and have no qualms about it. Of course, they aren't blood suckers. They're just trying to get along in a world that has no idea they exist. Hence, they are SECRET angels! (Move over James Bond)

But they aren't your traditional angelic types. It turns out that they are a race of beings - created before man - that are living on Earth, just like we are - except they live for a very long time. So like the vamps, they are immortal, and never grow old, but they don't have to kill anyone to survive.

And they're not the only ones!

In this story there are also demons and "avatars" (which I can't possibly explain, but they are dangerous) as well as a race called the "Phoenix" -- which apparently has all but died out. Like a sub-culture, these folks are busy tending to their own affairs and conflicts, pretty much ignoring the humans. However, it turns out, not all humans are born equal. And therein comes the angst - thanks to the plight of last of the "Phoenix", poor confused Scarlett Paige, the heroine of our story!

It all starts on her 18th birthday. That's when she comes of age (as a human and as a "Phoenix") and her supernatural abilities begin to surface (think of it as puberty on steroids). Unfortunately, no one has told her this was about to happen, so her world is flipped inside out and upside down. She's got no choice but to deal with it, as a human and as a very confused teenager. As she soon discovers, the angels are watching her!

But that doesn't make them "guardian angels" as we would think of them. They are hardly all sweetness and light, far from it! They have "carnal desires" and quite a bit of self interest.

Fortunately, we have an Angel Hero in the story named Leo. He's been watching Scarlett for quite some time, waiting to make his move. He will prove to be her mentor, but he hasn't got a lot of patience, explains things in maddening riddles, and isn't that great a teacher. This leads to some lively interactions between the two.

He may be incredibly handsome, athletic, with really spiffy magical wings, but his "bedside manner" leaves a lot to be desired. It's very amusing to read the dialog between him and Scarlett. Nevertheless, we like him because his heart is in the right place (in his chest - for the time being).

In spite of their differences, Scarlett eventually figures this out and falls for him, as he does for her. And theirs becomes a love beyond the realms of time - thanks to the magic of reincarnation. Turns out, these two have a history, known to Leo, but poor Scarlett is clueless.

Of course, Leo is not alone in his "interest" in Scarlett. Leo's got a brother, Lucius, who has "gone over to the dark side". He also has a vested interest in Scarlett, to meet his less-than-lofty-goal of wiping out humanity and getting revenge on Leo.

Scarlett's supernatural powers are required to complete the plan. What Lucius hasn't quite figured out is that Scarlett is a "newbie" at this supernatural stuff and will be of little or no help unless she wises up to the situation. Being a typical teenager, this can take some time!

What ensues is a grand chase with scary avatars, and demon hoards on the prowl to help Lucius capture Scarlett and defeat Leo. The plucky band of Angels work together to help Scarlett in her new and unwanted role and keep her safe from Lucius, who is always just one step behind.

Lucius eventually does get the upper hand and there is a grand showdown. It is at this point that Scarlett must truly come of age and use her powers to save the day. But she's got a thorny choice to make, because to save the day, she may have to sacrifice her new BFF, Leo.

Will she do it?

Read the book!


Anyone can write a book about angels (or vampires, for that matter). The beings are in themselves interesting. But what differentiates a good and compelling story about such beings is the writer.

In the case of Bella Harte, her talent is as strong as her characters. "Scarlett Phoenix" is therefore a refreshing and fascinating addition to the supernatural genre.

The dialog is lively and believable, the characters are captivating (even the bad guys - who can be pretty nasty at times) and the descriptions do set the stage in the mind's eye for a lively scenario. There is romance in the book, and some kissing scenes, but nothing that would be disturbing to anyone. It's pretty G stuff, tastefully done, yet enticing in its possibilities.

Overall, I found this book to be quite a page turner, and it kept me guessing all along the way.

I recommend it, both for teens and adults. 



  1. Wow, that Scarlett Phoenix cover is amazing! The others are cool too, but that one--I say again, Wow!

    1. Thanks Jill - I thought that when I first saw it! LOL


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